The Origins of Finn

A Shadow Council tour de Force.


In the run-up to The Force Awakens, the teasers led people to believe Finn, not Rey was the Jedi character of the Sequel Trilogy. When it turned out the the new Jedi character was Rey, quite a few people felt misled into thinking they were about to see the first Force sensitive black main character. While The Last Jedi did nothing to suggest Finn’s story would go that direction, there are reasons to think The Rise of Skywalker may finally make good on The Force Awakens’ marketing.

In this on-going series of articles, we will be exploring Finn’s story in the Sequel Trilogy and how it may play out in The Rise of Skywalker. We believe a “Bait and Wait” technique  (opposed to the “bait and switch”) is being used to braid Finn’s backstory in with Rey’s delayed familial reveal, and also Kylo Ren’s true backstory (i.e., the fall of Ben Solo).

Read the full Case below:

Bait & Wait: A Premise for Finn’s Backstory to be Revealed in The Rise of Skywalker

  1. Why We’re Likely To See More New Jedi Than Just Rey in The Rise of Skywalker.
  2. The Wayward Stormtrooper & Fallen Jedi
  3. The Found Skywalker: An Analysis of Finn as Heir to the Skywalker Legacy
  4. The Case for Force Sensitive Finn: Narrative and Themes
  5. The Case for Force Sensitive Finn: Symbolism
  6. Age of Resistance – Finn 1 Breakdown & Review
  7. There were TWO Awakenings in TFA
  8. The Case for Force Sensitive Finn: Implications of “an Awakening”
  9. Where is Finn?: The Erasure and Sidelining of a Star Wars Protagonist
  10. The Lost Son of Mandalore: An Origin Story for Finn in Episode IX

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