Resistance/First Order Conflict

A chronology of the First Order-Resistance War

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Main Timeline

33 ABY – 6 Months Prior to TFA

  • State of Cold War between Resistance and First Order
  • Leia struggles to convince the Republic Senate that the First Order poses a threat
  • Leia assigns Poe Dameron to find Lor San Tekka who may have clues on the whereabouts of her brother
  • Ackbar captured (C-3P0)
  • Threepio gets his red arm (C-3P0)
  • First Order Agent Terex retakes control of his criminal empire and goes rogue (Poe Dameron)
  • The First Order destroys Terex’s fleet, including the Carrion Spike, and takes him into custody while discovering Oddy Muva is a mole
  • Black squadron stops an FO attempt to steal fuel meant for the resistance (Poe Dameron)
  • Members of Black Squadron attempt to document FO atrocities on Spalex (Poe Dameron)
  • Oddy Muva sacrifices himself to destroy a First Order cruiser over Spalex, to save Black Squadron (Poe Dameron 19)
  • Poe meets Lor San Tekka on Cato Neimoidia during a rescue operation, but LST is abducted by Terex and Cmdr. Malurus (Poe Dameron #21)
  • Poe and Leia fail to rescue LST and he is abducted by Agent Terex and left to float in space. (Poe Dameron)
  • Black Squadron rescues LST before the First Order reaches him (Poe Dameron #25)
  • Leia asks LST for the whereabouts of Luke and LST agrees to get them for her as soon as possible (Poe Dameron #25)
  • Poe tasks Kazuda Xiono with spying for the Resistance on the Colossus refueling platform on Castilon (Resistance S1E1)
  • First Order works with pirates to take over the Colossus on Castilon (Resistance)
  • Kylo Ren implicated in the massacre of a village on Tehar. Kaz helps two surviving children to escape the FO (Resistance S1E6)
  • Captain Doza agrees to allow a First Order presence on the Colossus
  • Poe and Kaz investigate a secret mining installation slated for demolition (Resistance S1E11)
  • The First Order occupies the Colossus to “defend” it against pirates (Resistance S1E15)

34 ABY – Before TFA

  • Resistance spy Vi Moradi captured by the First Order after investigating Parnassos, Phasma’s homeworld (Phasma)
  • Vi reveals Phasma’s role in Brendol Hux’s murder to Captain Cardinal and then rescues him after he confronts Phasma (Phasma)
  • Cobalt and Blue Squadron deployed to Cassander Sector to combat First Order supported pirates (Bomber Command)
  • Cobalt Squadron mounts relief mission to the First Order controlled Atterra system. (Cobalt Squadron)

34 ABY

  • First Order declares war on the New Republic and Resistance
  • First Order uses Starkiller Base to destroy the capital of the Republic, Hosnian Prime.
  • Numerous worlds surrender to the First Order following the destruction of Hosnian Prime
  • The Colossus successfully throws out First Order occupation and leaves Castillon. (Star Wars: Resistance S1E21-22)
  • The Resistance successfully destroys Starkiller Base
  • The First Order begins its full invasion of the galaxy from the Unknown Regions
  • The Resistance successfully evacuates their base on D’Qar with the Supremacy and numerous other destroyers in pursuit
  • The Colossus comes out of hyperspace three parsecs from D’Qar, but with significant systems damage. (*Resistance* S2E1)
  • The Colossus skirmishes with the First Order in the D’Qar system and escapes after salvaging coaxium fuel from the wrecked Fulminatrix. (*Resistance* S2E2)
  • The First Order destroys most of the Resistance fleet; numerous transports escape to Crait and the Raddus uses lightspeed kamikaze to destroy the Supremacy
  • Battle of Crait; Resistance all but wiped out, a small number escape on the Millenium Falcon and the rest are scattered throughout the galaxy.

34 ABY – After TLJ

  • First Order arrests surviving New Republic senators and hunts down known Resistance sympathizers. (Finn and Poe CYD)
  • Black Squadron foils attempted First Order occupation of Grail City (Poe Dameron #31)
  • The Resistance shelters on Ryloth. (Resistance Reborn)
    • Ambassador Charth provides logistical assistance.
    • Wedge Antilles, Norra Wexley, Orrimaarko and General Rieekan join the Resistance.
  • Mission to Corellia rescues Ransolm Casterfo (Resistance Reborn)
  • Resistance recovers list of anti-First Order dissidents on Corellia. (Resistance Reborn)
  • Inferno Squad acquires ships on Braca (Resistance Reborn)
  • The First Order locates and forces the Resistance off Ryloth (Resistance Reborn)
  • Resistance stops on Tah’nuhna for supplies. (Allegiance #1)
  • The Resistance sets up a temporary base on Anoat. (Allegiance #1)
  • The First Order destroys Tah’nuhna for assisting the Resistance. (Allegiance #1)
  • The First Order occupies Fondor and its shipyards. Kylo Ren kills its leader. (Allegiance #2)
  • Rey, Leia and Rose secure ships from Mon Cala. (Allegiance #4)
  • First Order occupies Mon Cala. (Allegiance #4)
  • Finn and Poe evade bounty hunters while gathering weapons for the Resistance on the Moon of Avedot (Allegiance 1-4)
  • Chewbacca spearheads the repulse of the First Order from Kashyyk. (Star Wars Adventures #27)
  • Finn and Poe procure Bacta for the Resistance on Tenel. (Finn and Poe CYD)
  • Rey, Poe and Rose foil First Order attempt to procure the Echo Horn on Minfar. Resistance recovers abandoned Imperial laboratory and destroys one light cruiser and one Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer. (Spark of the Resistance)

34 ABY + 4 Months

  • Vi arrives at Batuu to build a Resistance base and recruit from the locals, but is shot down and crashes, losing most of her equipment. (The Black Spire)
  • The First Order arrives on Batuu seeking Vi and the Resistance.
  • Archex/Cardinal sacrifices himself to trick the First Order into believing Vi was killed.
  • Kylo Ren arrives on Batuu.