Galactic Civil War Timeline

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Main Timeline

19 BBY – Revenge of the Sith

  • Delegation of 2000 petition Palpatine to give up his emergency powers
  • End of the Clone Wars
  • End of the Old Republic
  • Anakin becomes Darth Vader
  • Order 66 and destruction of the Jedi Order
  • Palpatine declares himself Emperor
  • Formation of the Galactic Empire

19 BBY – Post ROTS

  • 63 Senators arrested for under suspicion of treason, Mon Mothma and Bail Organa among them, but quickly released (The Rebel Files)
  • Saw’s Partisans formed
  • Bail Organa begins organizing and recruiting dissidents

18 BBY

  • Vader sent to Mon Calamari to bring it under complete Imperial control (Vader 13)
  • Mon Calamari is devastated by Imperial bombardment and surrenders
  • Mon Calamari King Lee-Char captured by the Empire (Vader 17)
  • Tenth Brother killed
  • Padawan Survivor Farren Barr killed by Vader on Mon Calamari
  • Raddus and three cruisers escape

17 BBY

  • Ahsoka Tano recruited by Bail Organa (Ahsoka)

14 BBY

  • Cal Kestis assists Saw Gerrera and his Partisans in capturing a refinery on Kashyyyk, liberating many a number of Wookies. (Jedi: Fallen Order)
  • Second Sister killed (Jedi: Fallen Order)
  • Emperor Palpatine and Vader personally cripple the insurgency on Ryloth (Lords of the Sith)
  • Berch Teller Campaign (Tarkin)
  • Tarkin promoted to Grand Moff and given jurisdiction over Outer Rim territories (Tarkin)10 BBY
    • Lando Calrissian assists slave rebellion on Kullgroon (Lando: Double or Nothing)
    • Native insurgency on Mimban (Solo)

11 BBY

  • Hera Syndulla meets former Padawan Kanan Jarus on Gorse (A New Dawn)
  • Count Vidian, a member of Palpatine’s inner circle, killed


  • Jyn Erso takes part in her first mission – a raid to discover why Imperial scientists are studying Kyber crystals (Rebel Rising)


  • Jyn Erso participates in her first solo mission to Horuz (Rebel Rising)
  • Saw’s partisans commit massacre of Inusagi, killng the chieftess and Imperial governor (Rebel Rising)
  • An attempt by Saw and Jyn to covertly record the Empire’s activities on Tamsye Prime is betrayed and the factory they’re in is bombed (Rebel Rising)
    • Saw is badly wounded protecting Jyn and subsequently abandons her
  • Mon Mothma forms her rebel cell (On the Front Lines)

Liberators seize garrison on Mantooine, largely destroyed in Imperial counterattack, survivors become one of the first groups to join the Rebel Alliance (The Rebel Files)
* Lothal rebel cell:
– Lothal rebels liberate group of Wookie slaves on Kessel (Rebels S1E1)
– Discover and destroy illegal disruptor weapons with R2D2 and C3PO (Rebels S1E2)
– Destroy Imperial freighters carrying Kyber crystals (Rebels S1E4)
– Extract Tseebo, a Rodian who carries large number of Imperial secrets, on Lothal (S1E6)


  • Lothal rebel cell and Phoenix Squadron:
    • Tarkin personally takes command on Lothal in order to root out the Lothal rebels (Rebels S1E13)
    • Transmit a call to rebel to the galaxy from the Lothal main communications tower (Rebels S1E13)
    • Destroy Tarkin’s Star Destroyer, the Sovereign, above Mustafar (Rebels S1E16)
    • Joins Phoenix Squadron (Rebels S1E16)
    • Lothal placed under martial law (Rebels S2E1)
    • Darth Vader arrives on Lothal to deal with the Rebel Jedi (Rebels S2E1)
    • Vader personally destroys the Phoenix Squadron flagship (Rebels S2E1)
    • Lothal Minister Maketh Tua is killed while trying to defect. The Lothal rebels are blamed (Rebels S2E1-2)
    • Missing clone commander, Rex, is located and recruited (Rebels S2E3-4)
    • Requisition the B-Wing prototype and use it to break the Ibaar blockade (Rebels S2E7)
    • Destroy a prototype interdictor (Rebels S2E9)
    • Rescue two Force sensitive infants that were abducted by the Inquisitors (Rebels S2E10)


  • Leia Organa learns of her parents efforts organizing a rebellion (Leia, Princess off Alderaan)
  • Moff Panaka killed just after realizing who Leia’s true mother was (Leia, Princess off Alderaan)
  • Imperial medical frigate defects/captured; Imperial reprisals kill hundreds of thousands on Christophsis (Leia, Princess off Alderaan)
  • Leia learns of an imminent raid on the Rebel staging area at Paucris Major, but is able to warn it in time (Leia, Princess off Alderaan)
  • Lothal rebel cell and Phoenix Squadron:
    • Princess Leia Organa covertly transfers three Hammerhead corvettes to Phoenix Squadron (Rebels S2E12)
    • Team up with the Ryloth rebels to steal a Quasar-Fire class cruiser-carrier, which becomes Phoenix Squadron’s flagship (Rebels S2E16)
    • Discover remnants of a massive building project over Geonosis and learn all life on the planet has been wiped out (Rebels S2E17)
    • Establish a new base on Atollon (S2E20)
    • Ahsoka Tano is presumed killed on Malachor after confrontation with Darth Vader (Rebels S2E22)


  • Profundity and Home One commissioned
  • The Empire retakes its garrison after it’s overrun by insurgents (Thrawn)
  • Insurgency suppressed in the Batonn sector with massive civilian casualties
  • Rebel leader Nightswan killed
  • Thrawn promoted to Grand Admiral by Palpatine (Thrawn)
  • Lothal Rebel Group and Phoenix Squadron:
    • Grand Admiral Thrawn arrives on Lothal to lead the Imperial efforts against Phoenix squadron (Rebels S3E1)
    • Sabine Ren secures the defection of Wedge Antilles and Derek “Hobbie” Klivian (Rebels S3E3)
    • Steal the plans for the TIE Defender (Rebels S3E10)
    • Subvert an Imperial infiltration droid and use it to destroy an Imperial Star Destroyer (Rebels S3E14)
  • Saw Garerra sole survivor of team sent to investigate disappearance of Geonosians. Rescued by Lothal rebels who find evidence of Imperial genocide (Rebels S3E12)
  • Mon Mothma denounces Emperor Palpatine over the Ghorman massacre and is forced into hiding (Rogue One: Visual Dictionary)
  • Lothal rebels take Mon Mothma to Dantooine where she resigns from the Senate and declares for the Rebellion
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn routes Phoenix Squadron’s base on Atollon, inflicting heavy losses (Rebels S3E19-20)
  • Commander Sato and Admiral Konstantine both killed after the former rams the latter’s ship (Rebels S3E19-20)
  • Agent Alexsandr Kallus defects to Phoenix Squadron (Rebels S3E19-20)


  • Mandalorian Civil War
    • Large number of clans and houses rebel against House Vizsla and the Empire
    • ‘The Duchess’, a weapon originally designed by Sabine Wren to work against Mandalorian armor, is deployed (Rebels S4E1-2)
    • Alrich Wren liberated by House Wren (Rebels S4E1)
    • Tiber Saxon killed after Sabine sabotages ‘the Duchess’ (Rebels S4E2)
    • Bo-Katan Kryze assumes rulership and possession of the Darksaber (Rebels S4E2)
  • A mission to the comm relay on Jalindi to tap into Imperial communications relay goes awry (Rebels S4E3)
    • Saw rescues Ezra and Sabine
    • The transmitter is blown which also destroys the nearby Arquitens cruiser, Marauder, killing Cmdr. Brom Titus (Rebels S4E3)
  • Saw recruits Ezra and Sabine to investigate a cargo ship at Faos Station (Rebels S4E4)
    • Learn cargo ship is carrying a giant crystal and technicians being pressed into service for a secret project
    • Saw learns about the Jedha system (Rebels S4E4)
    • The cargo ship explodes and destroys the Star Destroyer rendezvousing with it after Saw destabilizes the crystal and runs (Rebels S4E4)
    • The Specters investigate the TIE Defender on Lothal (Rebels S4E5-6)
    • Lothal has been ravaged by the Empire.
    • Sabine and Ezra steal a TIE Defender data recorder and hyperdrive.
    • Hera manages to deliver it to Yavin IV. (Rebels S4E7)
    • The Empire invokes Protocol 13 on Lothal (evacuation of all Imperial Personnel) (Rebels S4E8)
    • Rebel starfighter attack on Lothal fails. Hera captured. (Rebels S4E9)
    • Spectres rescue Hera, but Kanan killed when governor Pryce destroys the fuel depot he is in. (Rebels S4E10)
    • Tie Defender program halted after destruction of fuel depot. (Rebels S4E10)
    • Prevent the Empire from accessing the ‘World between Worlds’ by sealing the Jedi Temple (Rebels S4E13)
  • Lothal insurrection and liberation (Rebels S4E14)
  • Lothal garrison destroyed
  • Thrawn’s fleet sustains heavy losses
  • Governor Pryce killed
  • Ezra and Thrawn disappear
  • Empire loses Lothal for duration of the war

0 BBY – Pre-Rogue One

  • Saw’s partisans move to Jedha city, recruit Baze and Chirrut and initiate action against the Empire’s mining Kyber operations.
  • Baze and Chirrut evacuate large number of orphans from the embattled Jedha City and break with Saw(Baze and Chirrut)
  • Cassian Andor encounters and subverts K-2SO during a mission to retrieve intelligence from Wecacoe (Rogue One: Cassian and K2SO Annual)
  • Twilight Company takes Crucival; Namir joins Twilight (Twilight Company)
  • Jyn Erso arrested and sentenced to the Wobani labor camp (Rebel Rising)

0 BBY – Rogue One

  • Destruction of Jedha City
  • Saw Garerra killed
  • Rebels destroy Imperial research facility on Eadu
  • Battle of Scarif
    • Jyn Erso and Rogue One team killed.
    • Theft of Death Star plans

0 ABY – A New Hope

  • Imperial Senate Dissolved
  • Destruction of Alderaan
  • Luke joins the rebellion
  • Battle of Yavin
  • Death Star I destroyed
  • Grand Moff Tarkin killed

Post ANH 0 ABY

  • The rebellion’s Shrikes are captured by the ISB on Taanab (Smuggler’s Run)
  • Naval and Army branches of Tie pilots merged (Last Call at the Zero Angle)
  • Han and Chewie to rescue Major Ematt from Cyrkon (Smuggler’s Run)
  • Princess Leia rescues survivors of The Disaster (Princess Leia 1-5)
  • Yavin evacuated
  • Present and former members of the Senate are detained and held at the Arrth-Enno Prison Complex (Inferno Squad)
  • Inferno Squad formed
  • The Arrth-Eno complex is destroyed by Palpatine killing the senators and almost all Rebel agents on Coruscant (Star Wars Annual 1)
  • The Rebel Alliance opens secret smuggling lanes with Rodia

More than 1 month ABY

  • Luke, Leia and Han sabotage major Imperial production facility (SW 1-5)
  • Cassio Tagge made Grand General of the Imperial Army (Darth Vader 1)
  • The Hutts ally with the Empire (Darth Vader 2-4)
  • Luke Skywalker is captured by Grakkus the Hutt on Nar Shaddaa but he is rescued by the Rebellion (Star Wars 8-12)
  • Inferno Squad infiltrates and ultimately destroys the Dreamers – remnants of Saw’s partisans (Inferno Squad)
  • The rebel Plasma Devils are destroyed by the Empire (Darth Vader 12)
  • Battle of Vrogas Vas; Imperial victory, rebel forces scatter to a new base of operations (Darth Vader 13-15, Star Wars 13-14)
  • Rebellion on Shu-Torun crushed by Darth Vader (Darth Vader 16-19)
  • The Rebellion’s Sunspot Prison is destroyed (Star Wars 21)
  • The Rebellion hijacks the ISD II Harbinger and uses it to break the blockade of Tureen VII (Star Wars 22-26)
  • SCAR Squad captures Threepio (Star Wars 26)
  • Luke and Leia get stranded on a primitive ocean world for three weeks. Work together to take down Imperial contingent looking for them (Star Wars 33)
  • Rebellion ‘liberates’ Grakkus from Imperial custody (Star Wars 35)
  • Grakkus’s safehouse and weapons store on Teth is captured by the rebellion on intelligence retrieved by Han Solo while transporting the Hutt to Akiva (Star Wars 35)
  • R2D2 single-handedly rescues Threepio from an Imperial Star Destroyer (Star Wars 36)
  • Wedge Antilles delivers supplies to people on Oulanne and recruits Thane Kyrell to the Rebellion while there. (Lost Stars)
  • SCAR Squad destroys a rebel outpost in the Horox system with no survivors (Star Wars 37)
  • Luke, Leia and Han contact the surviving partisans in the Jedha system (Star Wars 38)
  • Aphra kidnaps Hera Syndulla in a bid to gain access to Tarkin Initiative’s Hivebase I (Aphra #17)
  • Hivebase I destroyed.
  • Civil unrest on Milvayne after an Imperial live broadcast of the hunt for fugitives Aphra and 000 backfires. (Aphra #31)


  • Empire attacks Rebel shipyard outfitting Mon Calamari cruisers. (Star Wars 50)General Willard killed
  • Bandwin Cor killed (Star Wars 51
  • Rogue Squadron formed and christened after the Rogue One team (Star Wars 52)
  • General Draven killed (Star Wars 54)
  • General Dodanna killed (Star Wars 55
  • Surviving ships and leadership retreat
  • Luke promoted to Commander, Leia to General and Han to Colonel (Star Wars 55)
  • The Markona Clan joins the Rebellion (Star Wars 60)
  • Luke, Leia and Han recruit the Partisans to sabotage Shu-TorunPartisans go rogue and try to destroy the planet
  • Queen Trios killed in a duel with Leia (Star Wars 66)
  • Mid Rim Retreat – Rebels abandon positions taken over the last year
    • Battle of Haidoral Prime (Twilight Company
    • Chalis, governor of Haidoral Prime defects to the Alliance
    • Twilight Company destroys bioweapons on Coyerti
  • The Empire wipes out Mek’tradi to destroy a Rebel base located there
  • Luke, Leia and Han destroy Shu-Torun’s mining facilities alongside the Partisans led by Benthic Two Tubes. Leia kills Queen Trios
    • Vader executes Commander Kuchar
    • Partisans under Benthic Two Tubes relocate to Salobea

1 Month Before ESB

  • Luke goes on mission to divert probe droids. (Star Wars #67)
  • Aphra joins archeological team assisting the Empire in searching for the Rebel Base. (Aphra #37)
  • Rebel Base established on Hoth

3 ABY – The Empire Strikes Back

  • Battle of Hoth
  • Luke Skywalker trains with Yoda
  • Empire occupies Bespin
  • Han Solo is captured and given to Jabba the Hutt
  • Luke Skywalker duels Darth Vader
  • Rebel Alliance retreats above the galaxy

3 ABY – Concurrent with TESB

  • Thunderstrike‘s senior bridge crew killed by Imperial infiltrators before the ship can be retaken (Twilight Company)
  • Twilight Company’s aborted Kuat shipyard campaign:
    • Raid on Mardona III
    • Raid on Najan-Rovi
    • Battle of Obububo results in heavy Twilight casualites
    • Raid on Coyerti destroys large stockpile of bioweapon
    • Company’s vessel Thunderstrike lost over Sullus
    • Battle of the Inyusu Tor mineral processing facility ends in Twilight victory
    • Uprising in Pinymub seizes control of the city from the Empir
    • Twilight abandons their drive for Kuat and remains on Sullust

3-4 ABY

  • Leia leads a mission to divert Imperial attention from the Rebel fleet gathering at Sullest (Moving Target)
    • The shuttle Tydirium is stolen during the mission
    • The ISD Shieldmaiden is destroyed
  • Luke Skywalker leads raid on Imperial Refining Platform M36. (Age of Rebellion: Luke Skywalker)
  • 204th TIE Fighter Wing deployed to the Kudo System to investigate the loss of contact with the Imperial forces there. They discover the forces have gone rogue. (TIE Fighter 1 – 3)
  • The 204th recovers the Imperial Star Destroyer Celerity from rogue Imperials, but forced to retreat as Rebel forces arrive. (TIE Fighter #4)

4 ABY – Immediately Prior to ROTJ

  • Rebel meeting on Durkteel destroyed; rebel archives buried (The Rebel Files)
  • The 204th eliminates a nearby Rebel recruiting station. (TIE Fighter #5)

4 ABY – Return of the Jedi

  • Battle of Endor
  • SSD Executor destroyed
  • Destruction of second Death Star
  • Emperor Palpatine dies
  • Darth Vader dies

Immediately following BoE

  • Rebels overrun an Imperial outpost on the far side of Endor (Shattered Empire
  • The Rebellion attacks and captures the Fondor shipyards. The ISD Dauntless escapes with climate disruption satellites. (Battlefront II
  • Operation: Cinder initiated (Shattered Empire)
    • Vardos destroyed by climate disruption satellites (Battlefront II
    • Attempted destruction of Naboo foiled
    • Burnin Konn, Candovant, Senthrodys, Nacronis, Abednedo, and Commenor also targeted
  • Inferno squad defects to the Rebellion
  • Ackbar leads a campaign into the mid and inner Rim (On the Front Lines)
  • Cawa City on Sterdic IV liberated (Shattered Empire)
  • Rebellion reorganized into New Republic on Chandrila
  • Uprising on Coruscant (Aftermath)

4 ABY +2 Months

  • Alphabet Squadron formed to hunt the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing (Shadow Wing)
  • Shadow Wing takes control of Pandem Nai
  • Hera Syndulla leads battle group liberating worlds along the Skangravi-Mestun Regional Hyperlane

4 ABY + 3 Months

  • Battle of Pandem Nai, Shadow Wing escapes (Alphabet Squadron)
  • The New Republic destroys the communications hub on Malastare and secures the planet (Blade Squadron: Zero Hour)
  • Luke Skywalker retrieves the Force Trees from a secret base on Vetine with the help of Shara Bey (Shattered Empire)
  • Han Solo finds Paldora on Takodana (Battlefront II)
  • Republic disrupts a meeting of the Imperial Future Council on Akiva (Aftermath)
  • The New Republic liberates Naalol (Aftermath)
  • The New Republic liberates Uyter and seizes the Imperial academy there (Aftermath)
  • Battle of Sevarcos results in New Republic victory (Aftermath)
  • Chewbacca is captured and placed in a Kashyyyk prison (Aftermath Life Debt)
  • Inferno Squad infiltrates Bespin while looking for Admiral Versio (Battlefront II)

4 ABY + 6 Months

  • ISB black-site prison destroyed on Hyborean Moon (Life Debt)
  • Team led by Nora Wexley captures Vice Admiral Perwin Gedde, who is subsequently assassinated by bounty hunter Mercurial Swift (Life Debt)
  • Emperor’s personal SSD, the Eclipse, reported destroyed – anomalies exist in data (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  • Mysterious Fleet Admiral, Gallius Rax, takes control of the Empire
  • Rae Sloane adopts the rank ‘Grand Admiral’ and becomes the public leader of the Empire, but real power lies with Rax. (Life Debt)
  • Battle of Kuat (Aftermath: Life Debt and Blade Squadron: Kuat)
  • The New Republic seizes Nag Ubdor, a key supplier of zersium (Life Debt)
  • Liberation of Kashyyk
  • Chandrila Massacre

Late 4 ABY

  • Imperial sympathizers looking to use Naboo as a rallying point attempt three assaults on the planet with all beaten back (Lost Stars)
  • Iden Versio and Del Meeko aid General Lando Calrissian in destroying a weapons depot on Sullust (Battlefront II)


  • Battle of Jakku (Empire’s EndLost Stars)
    • The SSD Ravager crashes into Jakku
    • Gallius Rax killed by Sloane
    • Admiral Garrick Versio goes down with his ship, the Eviscerator
  • Mas Amedda captured by young insurgents in the Imperial palace
  • Galactic Concordance signed – end of Galactic Civil War