Known Jedi and Sith Temples

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Jedi Temples

  • Ach-To – Believed to be the legendary first Jedi Temple
  • Alaris Prime – The Jedi maintained a vault there.
  • Anoat – Small temple
  • Ashas Ree – Temple built to purify or contain the Sith Temple it was built over.
  • Brighthome – Station in the mid-rim that served as a Jedi outpost. It was seized and looted by the Empire; Darth Vader wiped out the clone contingent cataloging what was on the station.
  • Coruscant – Main Jedi Temple and council headquarters. Requisitioned by Emperor Palpatine and turned into his palace after Order 66.
  • Devaron – Destroyed by the Empire after Order 66
  • Harkrova I Moon – Built into a giant tree. Site of a simulated history of the galaxy.
  • Ilum – Site of ‘The Gathering’, a rite of passage where Jedi padawans find and bond with their Kyber crystals. Presumably destroyed during Imperial mining operations.
  • Jedha – Ancient seat of the Jedi Order. Presumably destroyed when the Death Star fired on Jedha city.
  • Ledeve – Abandoned Jedi Temple which General Grievous finds and destroys during the Clone Wars.
  • Lothal – Found and seized by the Empire in 3 BBY. Contained a portal to a place in the Force with access to any point in time and space. (Rebels S4E12)
  • Ossus – Once contained the Great Library, but abandoned by the current era. Believed to be the first Temple by PT era Jedi. The Temple tree came from a sapling taken from the tree that grew at the Temple’s center.
  • Passvaal – Sacred place for testing Jedi and giving seclusion
  • Vrogas Vas


  • Lola Sayu, The Citadel – Republic built facility for holding rogue Jedi; built 500 years before the Clone Wars

Sith Temples

  • Ashas Ree – Contained an ancient power source. The weapon and temple were destroyed during a brief fight between the Resistance led by Kaz Xiono and the First Order.
  • Coruscant – Buried beneath the Jedi Temple and excavated by Emperor Palpatine.
  • Malachor – Site of the Scourge of Malachor.
  • Moraband – Original Sith Order home-world. Contains the Valley of the Sith Lords
  • Mustafar – Powerful in the Dark Side according to Darth Sidious. A Sith cave, and temple, is there.
  • Yavin 4 – The ancient Sith enslaved the Massassi and forced them to build the pyramids. Later used by Doctor Aphra and her father to find the Eternal Rur’s fortress.

Other Religious Sites

  • Tython – Antediluvian temple once used as a confessional. Rumored to also be the site of first Jedi Temple.
  • Temple of the Whills – Looted by the Empire and then destroyed when the Death Star fired on Jedha city.
  • Zeffo Religious Sites:
    • Boganno
    • Dathomir
    • Onotho – Contained large supply of ancient Zeffo fuel source. Destroyed during a brief engagement between the republic and local insurgents.
    • Spire of Miktrull, Zeffo
    • Tomb of Eilram, Zeffo – Contained a Wroshyr tree from Kashyyyk.