From A Certain Point of View Guide

The canonicity of the information in the stories is unclear.

Reference Index

Raymus by Gary Whitta

PoV: Captain Raymus Antilles

New Lore:

  • Tantive IV had a damaged hyperdrive, which allowed the Devestator to track it to Tatooine. The hyperdrive failed just before they reached Tatooine.
  • Has a wife and two daughters on Alderaan.
  • Leia meets with him briefly before recording her message and giving Artoo the plans.

The Bucket by Christie Golden

PoV: TK-4601 (The stormtrooper who stunned Leia)

The Sith of Datawork by Ken Liu

PoV: Fleet Logistics Liason (Grade 4) Arvira

Comedy about the gunnery officer which gave the order not destroy Threepio and Artoo’s pod trying to cover it up.

Stories in the Sand by Griffin McElroy

PoV: Jot, a Jawa on the sandcrawler
New Lore:

  • Jot saw Artoo’s recordings and declined to erase them.
  • The Jawas travel the sands of Tatooine looking for new salvage from the numerous objects buried under the sand.

Call Outs:

  • The fact Artoo’s memory was never erased is a major part of the story

Reirin by Sabaa Tahir

PoV: Reirin, a Tusken Raider
New Lore:

  • Reiren is the first known Force Sensitive Tusken Raider and what is clearly a Kyber calls to her.

Note: This one is particularly interesting since a trader pointed her to the crystal and the Kyber is missing half of it. The story ends with her leaving for Mos Eisley.Call Outs:

The Red One by Rae Carson

PoV: R5-D4, the red droid Lars initially bought

New Lore:

  • The red droid deliberately blows his motivator so R2-D2 can fulfill his mission (it’s hinted he was affiliated with the rebellion before Tatooine).
  • Red survives the stormtrooper attack on the sandcrawler and leaves in search of new owners.

Rites by John Jackson Miller

PoV: A’Yark (Tusken Raider)

New Lore:

  • Tusken Raiders must kill something dangerous to be declared an adult.
  • A’Yark is both the Tusken that is about to shoot at Luke (A’Yark stops him) and the one who knocked him out.

Call Outs:

  • Chieftain A’Yark was from the Legends story, Kenobi
  • Anakin’s slaughter of the Sandpeople

Master and Apprentice by Claudia Gray

PoV: Qui-Gon Jinn (Force Ghost)
New Lore:
* A Force ghost is aware of nearly everything going on in the Force.
* Qui-Gon learned how to manifest himself visibly while mentoring Obi-Wan on Tatooine

Call Outs:

Beru Whitesun Lars by Meg Cabot

PoV: Beru Lars talks about her life in a postmortem memoir

New Lore:

  • Beru knew what happened to Anakin
  • She also made a really good blue-milk cheese

The Luckless Rodian by Renée Ahdieh

PoV: Greedo
New Lore:

  • Greedo was extreme jealous of Han over his association with a woman named Uncelta

Call Outs:

  • It’s implied Han shoots first at the end
  • Chalmun, the Wookiee owner of the Mos Eisley Cantina in Legends and canon, is a part of several stories set in Mos Eisley.

Not for Nothing by Mur Lafferty

PoV: Ickabel G’ont (one of the Modal Node members)
New Lore:

  • The Model Nodes were originally on Tatooine to pay off Jabba. They were at the Cantina to earn money to get off planet.
  • Greedo had a grievance against them when they ratted him out to Jabba for cheating.

Call Outs:

We Don’t Serve Their Kind Here by Chuck Wendig

PoV: Wuher, the Cantina barkeep
New Lore:

  • Wuher’s hatred of droids dates to when battledroids killed his parents on Arkax Station, he was saved by Jedi

Call Outs:

  • Knockback Nectar from Jakku (Aftermath)

The Kloo Horn Cantina Caper by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction

PoV: Multiple – Kabe (the Chadra-Fen, the Muftak (the Talz), Myo (the Abyssin), Djas Puhr (the Sakiyan) New Lore:

  • Several creatures at the Cantina all owed each other in one way or another
  • Han smuggled an egg for the bounty hunter Djas Puhr, a friend

Call Outs:

  • The Muftak, a Talz, mistakes Luke for a teenage girl
  • Djas Puhr specifically notes Han’s loyalty to his friends

Added Muscle by Paul Dini

PoV: Boba Fett
New Lore:

  • Boba angered Vader when he disintegrated three rebel spies on Coruscant, leaving no bodies to confirm.
  • Fett also found the sandcrawler and Luke’s home in an effort to find the droids.

Call Outs:

  • An explanation was given for Vader’s ‘No disintegrations’ line – Boba disintegrated three rebel spies on Coruscant
  • The fact Boba is a clone is mentioned

You Owe Me a Ride by Zoraida Córdova

PoV: Brea Tonnika
New Lore:

  • The Tonnika sisters were bounty hunters.
  • Brea Tonnika is a fugitive for killing a prison guard while trying to break a friend out.
  • The sisters flew with Solo for a time at one point.
  • Senni considers him responsible for her greatest humiliation.

Call Outs:

  • Brea Tonnika is mentioned in You Owe Me a Ride as being listed in the criminal database for murder. This was actually seen briefly way back in Lightsaber Lost.
  • The sisters stowed away on a vessel belonging to the Ohnaka Gang once.
  • Jabba feeds a Wookie with a long scar on his face to the rancor, likely to lead the reader to think it’s Black Krrsantan.

The Secrets of Long Snoot by Delilah S. Dawson

PoV: Garindan ezz Zavor (the Kubaz spy)
New Lore:

  • Garindan was one of fifty Kubaz trained to be spies.
  • He’s been trying to get enough money to get back home and expel the Empire (which has blockaded Kubaz).

Born in the Storm by Daniel José

PoV: TD-7556

Comedic story about one of the stormtroopers involved in stopping Luke and Obi-Wan.

Laina by Wil Wheaton

PoV: Ryland, the lookout on Yavin.
New Lore:

A tragic story about the rebel manning the watchtower. He joined the Rebellion after his wife was murdered by an Imperial officer in front of him. The story is him recording a message for his two year-old daughter which he’s sending to… Alderaan, because it’s safer than Yavin.

Fully Operational by Beth Revis

PoV: General Cassio Tagge
New Lore:

An Incident Report by Mallory Ortberg

PoV: Admiral Motti
Humorous complaint against Vader for Force choking him.
New Lore:

  • Motti refers to himself as a ‘religious man’.

Change of Heart by Elizabeth Wein

PoV: One of Leia’s guards on the Death Star

Eclipse by Madeleine Roux

PoV: Breha Organa
New Lore:
Bail arrives just two days before the world’s destruction and brings word that Leia has been killed. Breha doesn’t believe and tells Bail Leia is alive as Alderaan is destroyed.
Call Outs:

  • WA-2V was Leia’s droid from Leia: Princess of Alderaan

Verge of Greatness by Pablo Hidalgo

PoV: Grand Moff Tarkin
New Lore:

  • Motti urged Tarkin to use the Death Star to challenge the Emperor.

Call Outs:

  • Krennic’s last moments are shown at the end.

Far Too Remote by Jeffrey Brown

Satirical One Page Comic

The Trigger by Kieron Gillen

PoV: Aphra
New Lore:

  • Dantooine was populated.
  • Aphra was exploring the rebel base, looking for salvage at the time.

Call Outs:

  • First explicit depiction of Tagge leading the reconnaissance of Dantooine in Canon

Of MSE-6 and Men by Glen Weldon

PoV: Mouse Droid MSE-6
New Lore:

Told from the perspective of a mouse-droid, it’s a comedic take on the private lives of several Imperials on the Death Star. Depicts a romantic tryst between an Imperial officer and TK-241. The officer’s desription matches that of Grand Moff Tarkin’s and the voice actor is doing an impression of Peter Cushing playing Tarkin while reading the officer’s lines.

Call Outs:

  • Lasan is mentioned

Bump by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker

PoV: TD-101
New Lore:

  • TD-101 was the stormtrooper Obi-Wan mindtricked on Tatooine as well as the one to hit his head on the Death Star
  • The mindtrick left him with a bad headache
  • The stormtrooper let the droids go from the control room because he was still affect by Obi-Wan’s command
  • His failure on Tatooine was found out and he was detained.

End of Watch by Adam Christopher

PoV: Commander Pamel Poul

Pamel is near the end of her shift on the Death Star during Luke and Han’s prison break.

The Baptist by Nnedi Okorafor

PoV: Omi, the Dianoga

Tells of how the Dianoga wound up in the trash compactor on the Death Star. She’s Force sensitive and wasn’t trying to kill Luke, merely baptize him.

Time of Death by Cavan Scott

PoV: Obi-Wan Kenobi immediately after Vader kills him

There Is Another by Gary D. Schmidt

PoV: Yoda
New Lore:

  • Yoda wanted to train Leia and Obi-Wan had to convince him to train Luke
  • The Empire sent probe droids searching for him
  • Yoda kept Obi-Wan’s cooking pot and Qui-Gon’s cloak.

Palpatine by Ian Doescher

PoV: Palpatine
Palpatine savoring Obi-Wan’s death using Shakespearean language.

Sparks by Paul S. Kemp

PoV: Gold Two (Dex)

Follows Gold squadron pilot until his death in the Battle of Yavin.

Duty Roster by Jason Fry

PoV: Fake Wedge (Col Takbright)
New Lore:

  • Col is known as ‘Fake Wedge’, which becomes even more grating when an untested farmboy takes his place during the BoY.

Call Outs:

  • Luke’s simulation test shown in The Princess, the Scoundrel and the Farm Boy is mentioned
  • Fan’s nickname for the Wedge lookalike is used hilariously

Desert Son by Pierce Brown

PoV: Biggs Darklighter

Follows Biggs until his death.

Grounded by Greg Rucka

PoV: Nera Kase
New Lore:

Ner as the chief of starfighter operations at Yaving. She tallies each pilot lost through the Battle of Yavin.

Call Outs:
* Phirmists are a religion that has popped up frequently

Contingency Plan by Alexander Freed

PoV: Mon Mothma
New Lore:
* Mon Mothma planned to surrender herself to the Empire and renounce the Rebellion if Yavin was destroyed

The Angle by Charles Soule

PoV: Lando
New Lore:
Call Outs:
Lando watches the Death Star’s destruction and recognizes the Millennium Falcon.

By Whatever Sun by E. K. Johnston and Ashley Eckstein

PoV: Miara Larte (from Ahsoka)
New Lore:

  • Miara Lart reflects on everything they had lost and her time in the Rebellion during the medal ceremony. She lived on Alderaan for a time and joined Bail’s group soon after the events of Ahsoka. As of ANH she captains her own ship and her sister is alive.

Whills by Tom Angleberger

Comedic take on Lucas writing the saga at the behest of the Whills.