Force Nexuses and Vergences

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A Force nexus or vergence is a location or object where the Force is particularly strong. Such places frequently are the site of Jedi temples or places of worship which attract pilgrims from the large array of Force-based religions. Under certain circumstances, Force users can use a Force nexus’s power to augment their own.

Known Nexuses/Vergences

  • Ahch-To’s Mirror Cave – A natural convergence of energy, strong in the dark side, manifests itself in Mirror Cave. Rey has a surreal vision of her past in the cave. (The Last Jedi)
  • Anakin – The Chosen One prophesied to bring balance to the Force. He was believed conceived by the Force itself. (The Phantom Menace)
  • Coruscant Jedi Temple – This temple was built over an older Sith temple. (CatalystTarkin)
  • Dagobah Cave – Strong in the dark side, Luke failed a test of Yoda’s when he entered with his weapons. (The Empire Strikes Back)
  • Jakku – Has a life essence at its core and a number of religious groups make pilgrimages to the planet or call it their home. The planetary life essence was corrupted when Gallius Rax threw several Sith artifacts into it. The chain reaction nearly destroyed the planet, but was aborted by the actions of the Wexleys and Rae Sloane. (Empire’s End)
  • Jedha – A large concentration of the Dark side was created when the Death Star fired on Jedha.
  • Lothal Jedi Temple – Contained a portal to a place in the Force with access to any point in time and space. (Rebels S4E12)
  • Mustafar – Has a strong Dark Side nexus. Vader used it to corrupt Kirak Infil’a’s crystal. Later, with the help of Darth Momin, Vader’s castle was constructed over the vergence. (Darth Vader 2017)
  • Unnamed Planet in Yoda’s Arc – Yoda visits this world and is told by the five Force priestesses it is the birthplace of the midichlorians and where the Cosmic and Life Force are one.

Probable Nexuses/Vergences

  • Crystal Cave on Ilum
  • Daveron Jedi Temple
  • Holy City on Jedha
  • Malachor Sith Temple
  • Moraband Sith Temple
  • Vrogas Vas Jedi Temple