First Death Star Timeline

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Main Timeline

59 BBY

  • Galen Erso born

51 BBY

  • Orson Krennic born

36 BBY

  • Galen and Orson meet while in the Futures Program

22 BBY – Attack of the Clones

  • Poggle the Lesser gives the Death Star plans to Count Dooku who delivers them to Sidious

Mid 22 BBY

  • AOTC+8 months: Ersos imprisoned (Catalyst)
  • AOTC+10 months: Jyn Erso born (Catalyst)
  • Second Battle of Geonosis; Poggle the Lesser captured (TCW S2E5-8)
  • Palpatine secretly presents Death Star plans to Republic Strategic Advisory Cell (Catalyst)
  • Death Star construction commences above Geonosis (Catalyst)

21 BBY

  • The Death Star meridian is completed
  • +4 months: Erso freed by Orson Krennic (Catalyst)
  • Krennic convinces Poggle to commit Geonosian labor to the stations construction (Catalyst)

19 BBY

  • Anakin and Obi-Wan disrupt the transfer of a massive kyber crystal on Utapau (TCW Legacy – Crystal Crisis on Utapau)

19 BBY – Post RotS

  • Krennic recruits Galen Erso to work on the Death Star project under the pretense it’s an advanced energy project (Catalyst)
  • Empire begins strip-mining Ilum of Kyber crystals (Ahsoka)
  • Legacy worlds Samovar and Wadi Raffa acquired under false pretenses and strip-mined by the Empire for resources required by the DS project (Catalyst)
  • Many Kybers transferred to Death Star project, but others sent to research installations and the unknown regions
  • A misfire during a Kyber weaponization attempt results in the destruction of the research facility and much of the surrounding city on Malpaz (Catalyst)
  • Palpatine and Vader visit the construction site (RotS)

18 BBY

  • Farming moon of Raada seized to grow food optimal for low gravity environments (Ahsoka)
  • Imperial presence and crops on Raada destroyed by Bail Organa’s Rebel cell (Ahsoka)
  • First successful test of of a prototype Death Star laser (Catalyst)
  • Vader learns of the Death Star project
  • Ersos flee Coruscant and go into hiding on Lah’mu (Catalyst)
  • Tarkin assigned to Sentinel Base to oversee construction efforts (Catalyst)

14 BBY

  • Berch Teller Campaign (Tarkin)
  • Tarkin promoted to Grand Moff and given jurisdiction over Outer Rim territories (Tarkin)
  • Death Star sublight engines installed (Tarkin)

13 BBY

  • Krennic locates the Ersos on Lah’mu and takes Galen into custody, Lyra killed (Rogue One)


  • Death Star moved to Scarif from Geonosis (Rogue One Visual Dictionary)


  • Lothal rebels discover remnants of an immense building project above Geonosis and also discover all life on the planet has been wiped out (Rebels S2E17)


  • Grand Admiral Thrawn discovers the existence of the Death Star (Thrawn)


6 Months: Exhaust shafts installed on the recommendation of Galen Erso (Rogue One Novelization)


  • Thrawn is tasked with solving a Gralloc infestation plaguing a Death Star construction supply line and discovers it’s part of a plot by Grand Admiral Savit to undermine the Death Star project. In conjunction with Chiss Admiral Ar’alani, he thwarts a Grysk operation. (Thrawn: Treason)

0 ABY – Rogue One

  • Destroys Jedha City in a low power test
  • Rebel Alliance destroys the Eadu research facility, killing Galen Erso
  • The Rogue One team manages to steal the Death Star plans on Scarif and transmit them to the Profundity
  • The Scarif facility is destroyed by the Death Star – the entire Rogue One team and Orson Krennic are killed


  • The Death Star destroys Alderaan in its first full power test
  • Destroyed with Tarkin aboard over Yavin by Luke Skywalker