SWSC Member Theories

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A page for the various Star Wars theory and speculation posts individual SWSC members have made.

SWSC Predictions for Episode IX
Finding SkyMom
The Last Jedi Case for Rey Skywalker


Current Background Theory

  1. The Nature of the Force and Balance
  2. The Plans of Emperor Palpatine
  3. A Wound in the Force
  4. The Dawn, Rise and Fall of the Jedi Order
  5. Palpatine: The Ultimate Sith Lord
  6. Downfall of the Jedi and Rise of the Empire
  7. The Emperor and the Chosen One

The Future of Star Wars

Episode IX

Pre-The Last Jedi Background Theory

  1. The Emperor and His Goals
  2. Secrets of the Emperor and Snoke
  3. Descendants of the Chosen One, Rey and Jakku
  4. The Fall of Ben Solo




Finn & Rey

Redemption of Ben Solo in The Rise of Skywalker?

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