Longform Series

Check out some of our longform article series below!

  • The TLJ Case for Rey Skywalker – A series analyzing Rey’s relationship to the Skywalker family in The Last Jedi, and making a case for why she must be revealed to be Luke Skywalker’s daughter in Episode IX
  • Finding SkyMom – A series of speculative articles proposing a theory for the identity and origins of Luke’s wife and Rey’s mother
  • The Origins of Finn  – Drawing on new and old canon, we craft a compelling backstory for the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy’s male lead
  • Picarticles (in progress) – An ongoing series examining Star Trek’s new Picard series, it’s impact on the franchise and the return to the “Prime” timeline that started it all.
  • Sabotaging Storytelling (in progress) – A three part article trilogy that examines the economic causes and social impacts of modern big budget film-making and why audiences are increasingly disappointed by their media.
  • Finn & Rey | Renewed Shall be Blood that was Broken – A four part series exploring the chemistry and bond between Rey and Finn with a narrative and thematic comparison of the The Lord of the Rings mythos. Includes theatrical-style trailers/videos.
  • In Defense of Brandon & Markey: How The Last Jedi Consciously Undid The Force Awakens – Four part series following comments made by The Force Awakens editor’s, Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey, speaking publicly against creative decisions made in The Last Jedi. Includes narrative and financial analyses.

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