Is the Climax of The Rise of Skywalker on Ahch-To?

Recent TV footage suggests a confrontation between Rey and Kylo on Ahch-To in The Rise of Skywalker.

In my plot prediction from a couple of weeks ago, I suggested the final battle would take place on Jakku. While I still believe Jakku will be crucial in the second half of the film, recent trailer footage hints the final confrontation between Rey and Kylo may in fact take place on Ahch-To. First, a recent shot of Rey standing in front of Kylo’s burning TIE Silencer confirms we’ll be returning to Ahch-To. Now, on its own, the picture doesn’t necessarily mean anything – perhaps Rey flew it there.

That’s not flying again.

Look at Rey again. First, she’s missing her arm wraps. She has them on in all other footage of her, including that on Kef Bir and in front of the throne. Did she take them off and put them on again at some point? That would be a rather odd costuming decision. Next, look at the back of Rey’s shawl, it’s partially shredded. Together, these changes to Rey’s wardrobe suggest this is the latest shot we’ve seen of her.

Now, Rey may have stolen Kylo’s ship, traveled to Ahch-To and crashed it of course. However, take a look at this shot of Kylo walking towards some kind of structure:

At first glance, it looks like the same place as the fleet battle and throne. However, if you closely during the lightning strike, it looks like the surface to Kylo’s right is more reflective than that of his left. The right also looks like it’s textured like water:

Next, there’s what appears to be an island and shoreline:

Further, look closely at the brickwork of the structure of Kylo walks under:

To my eyes, it looks very similar to the brickwork of the huts on Ahch-To:

If so, this may be a hitherto unseen part of the Jedi Temple.

Unrealized Potential

One of the stranger parts of The Last Jedi is we spent half the move at the first Jedi temple, yet really learned nothing about it or the first Jedi. Luke ostensibly only traveled there to die there after destroying the remaining Jedi tomes. Yet, it seems unlikely that Luke went through the effort of finding the first Jedi temple just to exile himself. In all likelihood, there’s something very important hidden there that the first Jedi hid and Kylo Ren would be very interested in.


In this context, returning to the temple in The Rise of Skywalker makes sense. Not only would it make good on the implicit promise of the setting, but it would be a fitting place for the final battle between light and dark in the Sequel Trilogy.

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