The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Shenanigans

There are signs a memorable scene from the trailer is not actually in the movie.

It’s one of the most provocative scenes in the trailer – Rey and Kylo appearing to destroy the pedestal holding the Vader helmet together. Has Kylo turned and rejected the legacy of his fallen grandfather? What drew Rey into the room? Why would such a momentous scene be in the trailer? The sequence certainly fits the mold of a JJ mystery box.

If you watch a bit more closely, it’s apparent Kylo doesn’t actually hit the pedestal or even swing at all really. In fact, Kylo’s movements are rather strange. He looks like he makes a short jab to his left, but then drops his arm and at the very end of the sequence drops his head and starts raising his left hand as though to remove his helmet. Rey, meanwhile, makes a full power swing at the pedestal. The scene is very odd to say the least.

The latest TV shots have provided significant evidence that sequence is not actually in the movie. First, there was Chewie’s bandolier mysteriously moving to a completely different location. In the trailer shot, it’s directly behind Kylo in an alcove:

In a new TV shot, it’s in a very different spot and next to Rey’s staff:

Of course it’s possible, if a bit odd, for Rey to break the pedestal, move the bowcaster across the room and then get angry and take another swing at Kylo. However, another TV spot shows something that can’t be explained that way:

The helmet is not only against a wall (note the red stripes), but is in a room with a different floor pattern than the checker pattern of the trailer:

We’d actually be coming at the helmet through a wall if this was the same room. As it is highly unlikely the pedestal was moved between Rey finding it and destroying the pedestal, it’s probable the shot of Rey and Kylo was shot specifically for the trailer. My guess is the Vader helmet’s actual story location didn’t allow for the wide angle shot they wanted for the trailer, so they had to film it in a different part of Kylo’s chambers. That brings up the question of what really goes on in their meeting there.

Finally, I leave you with this:

Celebration Teaser
Chinese Trailer

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