The Mandalorian Ponderings and Theories

The Mandalorian finally arrived last week and we got, not one, but two great episodes! In this SWSC double header, robotical712 first ruminates on some of the more puzzling details in the first two episodes and then HypersonicHarpist presents some theories!

Questions, Questions, Questions…

Written by robotical712

The long awaited live action TV show has arrived and it put a shocking reveal in the very first episode. The Mandalorian was hired by an Imperial remnant to retrieve an asset alive and promised a massive reward if he succeeded. That asset turned out to be a baby of Yoda’s species and fans fell in love instantly. In addition to the kid’s adorableness, many a theory has sprung up surrounding the child. Is Dr. Pershing looking to clone him (Pershing is wearing an emblem that is similar to what the Clonetroopers wore)? Is he a clone? Perhaps the Imperials want to learn the secret of his species’ longevity? Yet, all of the discussion surrounding the child itself miss some other important questions raised by the first two episodes.

Was the Mandalorian Really Randomly Told About the Job?

In the first episode, it looks like Greef Karga only tells the Mandalorian about the under the table Remnant job after he rejects the meager pickings available. The Mandalorian then immediately travels to the meeting location. When he gets there, the Client is waiting and offers a large supply of Beskar Steel – extremely valuable to a Mandalorian warrior – in exchange for returning the asset, alive if possible. 

How is it the Client just happens to have access to a stockpile of Beskar? If we are to just go by the sequence of events we see, he hardly any time to prepare before the Mando came. Yet, he happened to have a large supply of the one thing the Mandalorian would value the most. Does he keep some on hand ‘just in case’ or has he had his eye on the Mandalorian in for a long time? Is someone looking for the Mandalorian enclave and hoping to use the Mandalorian to find it?

Who does Dr. Pershing Work for?

Image result for pershing the mandalorian

Dr. Pershing cuts quite the appearance. The Empire has been gone for four years and the rest of the Imperials in the room look it. The Stormtrooper armor is worn and the Client looks more like a gangster than a member of a galactic government. Yet Pershing looks like he just walked into the room from the Empire’s hay-day. Yes, he’s likely a fastidious person, but that uniform has not been worn for four years. Whoever he works for has resources, and lots of them.

Second, when the Client tells the Mandalorian the asset can be returned dead for a smaller fee, Pershing immediately objects that it wasn’t the agreement. While the Client clearly holds the power in the room, it’s also apparent the doctor doesn’t answer to him. Who does the doctor really work for?

Why Did the Gang Kidnap the Baby and Then Sit There?

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It’s easy to overlook, but Kuiil mentions a number of other hunters have been out to retrieve something from the gang that’s taken up residence there. This indicates the gang has been holding the child for some time in that location. The question is, to what end? The child is obviously valuable, the gang knows it or they wouldn’t have kept it. Yet they went through the trouble of kidnapping it and then just did… nothing. Even after several hunters came looking for it, they didn’t try moving to a new location or ransoming the child. Why?

Who is Sending the Other Bounty Hunters?

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The Mandalorian isn’t the only hunter after the child. He makes a temporary alliance with fellow hunter IG-11 and is later ambushed by a trio of Trandoshans. Yet the other hunters have been ordered to kill, not save the kid. As far as we know, the Mandalorian is the only one whos been given such instructions. Since Doctor Pershing made it clear he expected the child alive, it would seem someone is very interested the child does not reach him alive. (It’s further interesting to note, if the doctor simply wanted to clone the child, he wouldn’t need it alive. A sample of DNA would suffice.)

Although we can only guess at the answers to these questions, it would seem a larger game is afoot.

Mandalorian Theories

Written by HypersonicHarpist

  • The Mandalorian’s symbol will be the Mudhorn.  It is a strong, fierce, all but unstoppable creature, but ultimately all it wanted was to protect its egg.  The egg symbolizes Yiddle’s floating bassinet and the Mudhorn will come to symbolize the Mandalorian
  • We see a flashback to the Mandalorian’s tragic past in the first episode and he says that he was a “foundling”.  It would appear that he lost his family at a young age. If his family was killed by the separatists during the Clone Wars that would explain his dislike of droids. 
  • We have been told that numerous bounty hunters have come to acquire Yiddle prior to the Mandalorian, but all have failed.  IG-11 tries to kill Yiddle without a second thought, yet the Mandalorian was instructed to bring Yiddle in alive. At least one other group is after Yiddle. This could potentially tie into Yiddle being a Force Sensitive child taken by the Empire.  After the death of Palpatine factions of the Imperial remnants might want to destroy all traces of their Force research to keep it out of the hands of the New Republic (and Luke Skywalker). While other factions might want to try to continue that research.   
  • There seems to be an interesting pattern in how the characters are being treated.  Neither the Mandalorian nor Yiddle have had their official names revealed in the first two episodes.  Yiddle was the asset, then the child, but is always referred to with “it” pronouns. As the story progresses more and more personal details of these two characters will likely be revealed. 


Rogue with a Heart of Gold

In Episode 3 we predict that the Mandalorian will turn Yiddle over to the Imperials and receive his reward.  This will cause a crisis of conscience for him and he will go back and save Yiddle. 

Who Saved Who?

The Mandalorian and Yiddle are both ultimately children that lost their families at a young age.  Taking care of Yiddle will help the Mandalorian heal emotionally from the trauma of his past.

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