Pasaana, Threepio and The Phantom Menace

Written by robotical712, writing for myself only.

It’s possible a familiar item from The Phantom Menace might be the object of desire early in The Rise of Skywalker.

Note: I’ve followed the leaks for The Rise of Skywalker’s entire production and have come to strongly suspect the production has been managing them from the beginning. While there are likely to be some legitimate leaks or details that will show up in marketing to ‘legitimize’ the plot ‘leaks’, it’s impossible to distinguish them from the rest. Therefore, I will not be using them from here on out.

The Rise of Skywalker is still four months away and we’ve received only bits of pieces of what’s in it. Yet, part of the fun for any Star Wars movie is to speculate on what’s going to be in it. As such, I was discussing what the heroes might be after on Pasaana and arrived at a fun, but surprising conclusion. The heroes and Kylo may be after none other than Anakin’s podracing helmet from The Phantom Menace.

I, Droid

My reasoning actually starts with Threepio. Anthony Daniels has made no secret Threepio will play a significant role in TROS and he’s played a significant role in Canon to date (even if you don’t recognize him because of his red arm). Threepio is one of two characters who have been in the Saga since the beginning and if the intent is to wrap it up, the droids are an obviously integral element. Threepio is of even greater importance because his maker is none other than Anakin Skywalker, the boy who started it all. Yet, his memories are incomplete and, if the young and old generations are to connect, recovering them is necessary.

Canon has established droids have their memories wiped periodically, but still retain fragments of memory from before the wipe. Threepio discussed this in his very own one-issue comic after The Force Awakens came out (the red eyes are also suggestive in light of this segment from Droid Tales). Therefore, it is likely an early plot point will be Threepio having his memory restored. The question is, how does this come about? It’s likely he would need a trigger of some kind. Something he has a memory fragment of. What might this trigger be?

The trigger is likely to be something recognizable to the audience as well as Threepio since it should have emotional impact for us as well. As most of the audience hasn’t seen any material outside the films, it will have to be from the films. There’s no evidence Threepio has had his memory during or after the Original Trilogy, therefore our object is in the Prequel Trilogy. 

What from the Prequel Trilogy is likely to be memorable? Rey already has Anakin’s lightsaber, so that’s accounted for. The Japor snippet Anakin gave Padme was buried with her and it appearing would carry the ghastly implication someone dug up Padme’s grave. It could be a Jedi symbol, but Threepio has probably seen quite a few of those already. What remains that would have meaning specifically to Threepio? The remaining items are Anakin’s podracer and podracing helmet.

Balloons, fireworks and podracing…
Count me in!

Pasaana is a desert world, like Tatooine, and we’ve already seen there’s a large celebration in the D23 footage. It is not unlikely such a celebration would have sporting events, such as podracing. Of the two items, which is the most likely? We’ve seen the heroes running from the First Order on two mobile barges which means it has to be fairly portable. That rules out the podracer and leaves the helmet.

A Tale of Two Helmets

At this point the reader is probably wondering why anyone would want an old podracing helmet. The answer is Kylo Ren has a strong interest in anything belonging to his grandfather. For him, it’s more symbolic than practical and, as Supreme Leader, he can direct the First Order to do it. This also answers why Kylo would be on Pasaana personally – he’s there to collect the helmet. The Resistance probably won’t know what he’s after initially. They’ll just know Kylo Ren wants something and it would be best if he didn’t get it. It will lead to something more important though – C-3PO’s memories of Anakin which can help them identify other items of Anakin’s Kylo may be after.

The helmet also has symbolic importance – Kylo already has Vader’s helmet and metaphorically possesses his legacy. Not only would the helmet serve as the catalyst that leads to Rey learning who she really is, but she’d have something from one of her grandfather’s most heroic triumphs from when he was only a young boy. Rey inherits Anakin’s legacy while Kylo inherits Vader’s.

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