TROS Interviews with JJ Abrams and Cast from D23

You can check out more interviews and social media reactions over the whole weekend here!

Brief Transcription below

Daisy: “I got some emotional scenes to do with [Leia]. It’s just weird, it’s weird that the stuff we did four years ago is so pertinent to the story now. 

Naomi: “[Jannah] is this fierce, strong, powerful woman, she is skillful… [with a lightsaber maybe?] with a bow and arrow! A space one! It’s quite special; it’s a space bow and arrow people. She can ride this creature called an Orback, and she spent years pulling that together to potentially fight for what is right…. Maybe… who knows.

John: [we want to know more about Finn, the backstory, are we going to get the payoff?] We’re going to get bits and bits, we’re going to get like sprinkles, like chocolate chips. But what we have to deal with right now is this new enemy, and why is Rey dressed like that? Who decided her wardrobe? Loads of questions, loads of questions, and Finn is fully involved in that.

KMT: [on the kiss] Listen. I think there are a lot of cool things that happen in this movie. As to what they are, I cannot say. But I’m excited for people to kind of further explore these relationships between all these incredible characters.

Keri: [on Zorii] Well I think we can elaborate is just that she has a little bit of a checkered past and maybe some questionable morals, but really she’s an old friend of Poe’s. I think the entrance of Zorii is there to sort of describe more of who he was. And you know in a very intimate way, and familiar way, and the friends are sort of like, ‘what do you mean you know [Poe]?!’ [Variety: like friends?!] Oscar: Yeah… ehhhhhh it’s complicated, you know, it’s complicated [laughing].

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