Luke Skywalker and a Jakku Prophecy

In light of the Return of the Jedi draft script, it is a good time to revisit a Jakku prophecy from Life Debt and perhaps uncover some of the seeds the Lucasfilm Story Group may have planted.

In the prologue and epilogue of Life Debt, the young Galli (the future Gallius Rax) muses on and references a prophecy held by the Jakku anchorites. Not long after the book came out it occurred to me the prophecy could refer to Luke and I posted the following on Reddit:

In another thread, u/Thorolf71 brought up the ‘Consecrated Eremite’ which was referenced in Life Debt. There are virtually no details provided about him, but it is stated he lived thousands of years before the book and called Jakku his home. Legend also states the planet was a living world at that time rather than the empty wasteland it is now. In the Epilogue, Galli meets Palpatine and one of the first things the boy asks is if the Sith lord is ‘the Eremite come back’. This suggests there is a prophecy predicting the return of the Eremite and the anchorites are awaiting his return.

Many in the thread suggested he was a dark side acolyte and the return is referring to Snoke. However, what little information we have does not seem consistent with that. First, there’s the name, ‘Consecrated Eremite’, which basically means ‘a sacred hermit devoted to faith’ – not a description one would expect of someone devoted to the dark side. Second, is the description of him calling Jakku his home which suggests a peaceful existence.

‘Religious hermit’ is, however, an apt description of Luke. So what if the prophecy isn’t actually referring to a resurrection or revival, but instead to someone coming to Jakku who shares the same characteristics? Could the trilogy end with Luke making his home on Jakku?

Now for a complete shot in the dark:

The anchorites run something of an orphanage on Jakku, of which Galli is part of. Perhaps they’re not doing it purely out of charity, but because the prophecy associates the return of the Eremite with an abandoned child?

With Luke’s death in The Last Jedi and the early ideas for resurrecting Obi-Wan Kenobi, the prophecy is worth revisiting. A resurrected Luke fits the prophecy even better than what I thought in the original post. Not only would he be a religious figure, but he would literally come back to life.

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