Queen’s Shadow Observations and Notes

Queen’s Shadow came out March 5th and covered Padmé’s transition from Queen to Senator with an additional emphasis on the handmaidens. The book does a fantastic amount of badly needed world building for the pre-Clone Wars era. It lays the groundwork for quite a few potential storylines and fills in several gaps. In this article, I’ve compiled a number of my observations and significant lore additions.

WARNING: Spoilers

Naboo Politics

  • The book starts at the end of Padmé’s term. Naboo law allows two two-year terms. As the Naboo crisis is stated to be four years ago, this means the invasion began just after Padmé took office. She ran unopposed for her second term.
  • Anakin’s line from Attack of the Clones is addressed here:

A faction had tried to amend the constitution so that Padmé could run again. This had been tried only once before, during a time of great upheaval in Naboo’s past, and Padmé could see no reason to fight for something she neither wanted nor believed was right.

Johnston, E. K.. Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow (Star Wars (Disney)) . Disney Book Group. Kindle Edition.
  • The handmaidens all took names in her honor. Hence why they all end in ‘é’.
  • Réillata is the queen following Padmé in what is actually her second term. She declined to run at the end of her first term, but ran on her experience for the second.
  • Suffrage was extended to the Gungans after the Naboo crisis.
  • Nute Gunray has had four trials. The third ended in a ‘hung jury’ and the fourth acquitted him. First, ‘double jeopardy’ is apparently possible in the Republic legal system. Second, it’s apparent the Republic legal system has been thoroughly compromised if the Trade Federation can get away with the invasion of an entire planet. Why the Trade Federation wanted to secede and not worlds like Naboo is truly a mystery.
  • The ion pulse from Batlefront II is being installed and was subject to an intense debate. Captain Panaka was for much stronger measures and the disagreement with Padmé led to the fraying of their relationship.
  • Senator Oshadam succeeds Palpatine as Naboo senator and retires at the end of Padmé’s term.
  • Naboo Senators are apparently appointed by the reigning monarch. Réillata asks Padmé to become Naboo’s Senator.
  • Padmé wanted to travel to Tatooine to free slaves after her term ended. However, she sent Sabé instead when she accepted the appointment to the Senate.

Republic Politics

  • Palpatine has sponsored a committee studying the transportation of slaves. He refuses to allow Padmé to join on the grounds it would look like they were too close. This being Palpatine, we can guess it exists for a very different purpose.
  • Rush Clovis is a freshman Senator like Padmé. He’s obviously infatuated throughout the book, but the feelings are presented as pretty one-sided. This is a bit contrary to The Clone Wars which suggested a more mutual relationship during their episodes.
  • Padmé and Mina Bonteri meet for the first time in this book. This is at odds with The Clone Wars episode ‘Heros On Both Sides’. Padmé implies Mina was her mentor when she was in the Junior Legislature on Naboo in that episode.
  • Mon Mothma was a new Senator when Padmé brought down Valorum. It takes a bit of time for her and Bail to trust she Padmé won’t attempt to sidestep the political system again.
  • Throughout the book, Padmé works on a solution for dealing with pirates that are increasingly plaguing the shipping lanes. The issues culminates in the book’s climax with the pirates attacking a relief convoy Padmé is assisting. Although the pirates are fought off, she’s unable to identify them and the issue is left unresolved. She does note someone on Coruscant had to have tipped off the pirates. The narrative fingers Mina Bonteri as she’s taking direction from a mysterious figure who is obviously Count Dooku. Although aiding piracy seems a bit out of character for her based her depiction in ‘Heroes on Both Sides’.
  • The last chapter in the book closes with Padmé resolving to stay in the Senate even in the face of the death mark Nute Gunray is rumored to have put on her. She’s also cemented alliances with Mon Mothma and Bail Organa while the storm clouds which lead to the Separatist crisis are starting to appear.


  • Padmé’s sister Sola has a baby girl in this book, meaning Luke and Leia likely have a cousin. This results in probably the cutest Artoo scene in Canon:

She brought R2-D2 over to help, but the droid was immediately distracted by the baby, and instead of contributing to the building project, he spent his time entertaining Ryoo with a variety of noises and, until chastened, displays of controlled lightning.

Johnston, E. K.. Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow (Star Wars (Disney)) . Disney Book Group. Kindle Edition.
  • Sabé goes to Mos Espa and tries to find Shmi, but is unable to locate her or Watto. She learns there’s a nascent anti-slavery movement on Tatooine named the “White Suns”. This is particularly interesting as Beru’s maiden name is “Whitesuns’.
  • The Epilogue takes place after Padmé’s funeral and features Sabé trying to come to grips with Padmé’s death. She’s preparing to investigate what happened to Padmé when Bail Organa contacts her in the final lines of the book. As a major plot point throughout was Sabé essentially was Padmé’s shadow, it’s possible the book is setting up an explanation for why Leia remembers her mother.

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