The Hunt for the Cantina Sign

Guest Post by LukeTheNerd

In August, I was informed by NumidianPrime that there was a sign on the entrance to the Mos Eisley Cantina that had not been well documented, he had seen it at a panel hosted by Pablo Hidalgo and Tom Spina- I was instantly intrigued.

(source: discord, 4k77

I scoured everywhere, youtube videos, large collections of behind the scenes images, even reverse image searches of the photo you see above. Hell, even the VIDEO GAMES got the sign wrong!

(source – Star Wars: Battlefront 2015)

I was lost. I thought I couldn’t find anything. Until I stumbled upon this a few days later.

I did some rotation and color correction to make the image good. Sadly it isn’t the full sign.

For help, I made a higher quality drawing just so I wouldn’t have trashy scribbles (no offense Marv) as my guide.

So I gave up on that. I knew I was never going to work at the Lucasfilm Archives, that the 2012 Panel that Marv saw was never recorded, and that an image of the full sign would never be found.

Well I was ⅓’s right.

This image comes from this YouTube video published on Oct 29, 2018, but I first watched it at about 2 AM on January 13th. I was up late watching videos of David Blaine doing whatever that little scamp does and suddenly this video was recommended to me. Maybe it was because I had just watched the fantastic Star Wars Archaeology panel from SWCO, who knows! But when I got to this part of the video I felt like I just found the god damn Dead Sea Scrolls.

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope to write about more discoveries I will make.


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