The Retcon You Didn’t Know You Needed **POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD**

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– HanSpinel



It’s been suggested that Star Wars Episode IX is being billed as a “course correction” for Disney/LFL after an arguably divisive fan response to The Last Jedi, and Solo apparently not meeting box-office expectations. Regardless, many speculate that JJ Abrams will retcon (retroactive continuity) events occurring in The Last Jedi, specifically regarding the now debunked “reveal” of Rey’s parentageIf you’ve been following however, we hold that a retcon isn’t necessary at all, and that a “relevant lineage” was carefully, and in many cases poetically, hidden within the sub-text of The Last Jedi. That is to say that a delayed parental reveal is forthcoming in Episode IX.

Well that pretty much sucks. Judging by the title, I was kind of expecting to get my retcon on. I mean there has to be SOMETHING that can be undone by us much brighter-than-the-directors types, right? 


Got it.

Kylo Ren’s scar. That’s right, I said it. You’re not getting off that easy Rian Johnson; we remember, oh WE REMEMBER! JJ, baby, if you’re listening – let’s #DoTheDamnThing and MOVE THAT SCAR BACK! 1) It didn’t even run up the bridge of Kylo’s nose…. per se, and hold up, 2) it doesn’t even look THAT goofy! Here, feast thine eyes on some 5 minute photoshop skillz. #MakeScarsNotTHATGoofyAgain


Seriously, it’s not even half bad! He could still be a Disney Prince, right?

Further, and as our very own robotical712 points out, if the recent leak from MSW holds true, then Kylo Ren rebuilding and/or wearing his mask in Episode IX essentially WOULD retcon the scar without a public spar between directors (scar, spar, it’s like poetry). We see what you just did there (of potential validity), JJ, well played (maybe). Well played (if true), indeed. Maybe the scar does look cooler over the eye?  /s


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  1. […] It is apparent that The Force Awakens used one of the most heinous acts in storytelling on one of the most beloved characters of the entire franchise to position Kylo Ren in a darker space than any other villain to date. It cannot be overstated: with The Last Jedi taking place one second after The Force Awakens, Rian’s perspective of woobifying a 29 year old white male committing cold-blooded patricide to an adolescent boy screwing over his dad clearly undoes a major narrative element of The Force Awakens. For good measure, Johnson is also infamously known for moving Ren’s scar from The Force Awakens for the sole purpose of having it look cooler. […]


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