A Theory on What’s Really Going on in Darth Vader #23


Written by robotical712

There’s been a fair bit of discussion over what exactly happened in this week’s Vader issue. Much of it has centered on the return of a certain place. (Spoilers for Vader #23)

The current and final arc of Vader is telling the story of how Vader got his abode shown in Rogue One. In the course of it, we’ve learned he chose the site on Mustafar due to it being a Force nexus for the dark side and the Emperor gave him a helmet containing the consciousness of one Lord Momin to assist in building his fortress. Lord Momin it turns out, fancies himself an artist and long ago sought to make his creative mark by freezing a city in time at the precise moment of its destruction. Alas, the Jedi intervened and he lost control and appeared to have been disintegrated, leaving only his helmet behind.

Vader22Flashback.pngHowever, Momin’s helmet still contained his spirit and he could control anyone who wore the helmet. Momin told Vader he could use the Force nexus to unlock a door to the beyond and suggested that might allow bringing a lost beloved back. Vader allowed Momin to design the necessary structure, which took nine attempts. The ninth succeeded, but before Vader could enter the door, he was interrupted by an attack by the indigenous Mustafarians. Momin, taking the opportunity opened the door and the comic ends with the helmet reuniting with his body.



Much discussion and speculation has centered on whether Momin used the World Between Worlds to save himself at the moment he would have been disintegrated. Indeed, we see a starfield similar to the one seen in the WBW in Rebel’s and it looked like Momin was consumed by fire. However, I think there is another explanation that doesn’t require any time travel shenanigans:

Momin was in fact trapped in a sort of temporal stasis outside the physical universe (might be WBW, but it doesn’t really matter), but was able to partially anchor his consciousness to his helmet and use it to communicate with the physical world. His goal all along has been to free himself from his prison.


  • He was attempting to freeze a city in time, but lost control. Perhaps he was the one frozen in time instead.


  • The last panel is of both his ‘body’ and helmet saying “hello me”. Perhaps the mask is simply functioning like the speaker of a radio.
  • His body exited the portal under its own power, the body Momin was using never entered the portal.
  • It explains why Vader never made another attempt to enter the WBW. The connection is to the wrong place and he doesn’t know how to move it (it’s further possible he re-traps Momin in the next two issues).


In my estimation the portal is to a prison, not a nexus of all of time and space and Momin just got Vader to free him. After all, the Dark Side demands more than mere death.

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