Rey was chosen as the Skywalker Legacy when she found Anakin’s lightsaber

In this guest post, TheMandalorianWolf of Tumblr presents his theory on how Anakin has chosen Rey to pass on the mantle of the Chosen One.

Throughout the Sequel Trilogy, a recurring theme is legacy… Anakin’s legacy that is, as well as the battle of who represents that legacy. On the one hand, there is Kylo Ren, a man living in Vader’s shadow, who explicitly claims to want to finish what he believes his Grandfather started. And on the other hand, there is Rey, the mysterious woman whom Anakin’s lightsaber called to. I have a theory that it wasn’t the lightsaber that called to Rey, it was actually Anakin himself.

In the scene before Rey finds Anakin’s lightsaber, we are treated to a quick scene of Kylo Ren speaking to Vader’s helmet, seemingly asking the Dark Lord to show him the power of the dark side, so Kylo can finish what Vader started. The iconic Imperial March subtly plays in the background. The scene after that is Rey finding Anakin’s lightsaber after it was calling to her. The lightsaber shows her visions of the past, and even shows a hint of her future duel with Kylo later in TFA.

I believe this was done on purpose by JJ Abrams, a subtle way to show that Anakin has chosen Rey has the true heir to the Skywalkers over Kylo. Anakin’s destiny was never to be a dark sider, Obi-Wan even says it explicitly, he was meant to bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness. Anakin saw that if left unchecked, Kylo would follow down the same path he did. With Luke cut off from the force, Anakin couldn’t reach him. So, Anakin chose a new Chosen One to bring balance to the force and chose Luke’s daughter, Rey.

This theory would bring the Prequel Trilogy, Original Trilogy, and Sequel Trilogy full circle. It was Plagueis trying to will the force that created the chosen one Anakin in the prequels. It was Anakin’s fall that left the role of balancing the force to Luke, and now it is Kylo trying to bend the Force to his will and Luke’s despair that has passed the role of chosen one onto Rey.

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One comment

  1. I agree! Anakin-spirit is more active than what the movies show. Without even getting into whether Rey is a Skywalker or a nobody, Anakin is guiding her before she sees his old lightsaber. Remember in TFA, immediately after escaping the FO on Jakku, the scene where Finn and Rey are exhilarated and talking over each other, Finn: how did you do that? Rey: I don’t know! It was Anakin-spirit, the pod racer.

    Also — when Kylo speaks to “Vader’s” helmet, he has either forgotten or was ignorant of, “Vader’s” dying rejection of the dark side and full embrace of the light side. “Vader” does not exist. But Anakin-spirit rejects Kylo’s pleas to Vader to show him the power of the dark side. AND when Kylo feels the pulls to the light side, THAT is Anakin-spirit that’s pulling him.

    OK, so maybe it’s reaching but it sounds good, lol.


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