Aya: What’s in a Name?


Written by Robotical712 and Pale

Names in Star Wars usually carry real-life meanings, either intentional or unintentional. As such, it’s worth examining the name of the girl in ‘Fishing the Deluge’ in Legends of Luke Skywalker, ‘Aya’.

A supplemental to the Finding SkyMom series.

It’s sometimes easy to tell which names are intentionally chosen; for example, Rey’s name had real thought put into it as the name “Rey” was only decided on during filming. She had three different names during production (Thea, Kira, Rey), all meaning beam or ray of light (as an aside, ‘Luke’ means light or light giving). So clearly, the meaning is intentional, and it’s possible the same was done with Aya. Let’s take a look at some of the meanings:

  • Arabic: Wonderful, Amazing, Miracle or Verse
  • Chemehuevi: Tortoise
  • Old German: Sword
  • Hebrew: To Fly Swiftly or Bird (Fitting, given she flies on a giant bird in her story.)
  • Japanese: Design, Colorful, or Beautiful
  • Mongolian: Goodness, Music and Melody
  • Raute (Nepal): Sister-in-Law
  • Yoruba Tribe: Wife

Turkish-Altaic mythology also used it as the term for the seventeen benevolent sky dwelling angels.

Nowthis is all well and good, but Liu may have just found the word on his own. Intriguingly, however, the name Aya was reported to have been used as the production code name for Rose Tico during the production of The Last Jedi. This strongly suggest the name didn’t originate with Ken Liu, but had rather been circulating within LFL. It’s also worth noting that the name ‘Rose’ was also the production code name for Maz Kanata during the production of The Force Awakens  (also note ‘Kira’ being Rey’s code name, and ‘Qi’Ra’ being used in Solo). It seems that character names are constantly re-used within LFL. Of course, it just be a happy coincidence.

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