How I Met Your Mother: Rey Skywalker Edition – Wrap Up and Theories

Written by HypersonicHarpist, Needs_More_Sprinkles, Josey, robotical712, Pale and ravenclawmind 

In our final post we examine several possibilities for the idea ‘Fishing the Deluge’ reveals the origins of Rey’s mother.

Part of the Finding SkyMom series

1: The Events of ‘Fishing the Deluge’ are Roughly Accurate

Perhaps the most straightforward explanation would be that ‘Fishing in the Deluge’ is a literal retelling of Luke meeting Rey’s mother for the first time, and that her name is Aya. This would mean that the two had a brief meeting when he was a young man and she was an adolescent, were separated for some years, and reunited as adults, after which point they fell in love. However, this obviously presents a few issues, namely the discomfort that such a large age difference would produce (This theory requires that ‘Fishing in the Deluge’ take place very shortly after Return of the Jedi so that Luke is roughly 24 in Fishing in the Deluge, making him 12 years older than the woman he would eventually settle down with). It would also make Aya a somewhat young mother to Rey at 23, though both Anakin and Leia also had children at this age. That being said, there are moments in the story that hint at Aya, as described in the story, is an almost cosmically kindred spirit to Luke–they “somehow always managed to find each other again” when they are separated on their journeys, and “shading others and being shaded, being uplifted and uplifting others.”

The farther the story is from the truth, the less clear it is that these meaningful exchanges actually took place, lessening their impact and calling into question whether Aya was very much like Luke at all. Additionally, having Luke meet Aya as an adolescent–when they are both at stages in their lives that would make them romantically unavailable and uninterested in one another–would allow LFL to seed the backstory of Rey’s mother without audiences catching on in the way they might if Luke had first met Aya as an adult. Even so, the thought that a friendship forged between a tween and young adult could eventually become romantic, even many years later, would be instinctively troubling for many audience members, and for this reason we think it is possible, but a long shot, that Rey’s mother was actually a young girl named Aya when she first met Luke.

There are also a number of canon sources that make the theory that Aya was 12 when she met Luke and is also Rey’s mother seem implausible. The Shattered Empire comics, the Vader 2017 comics, and Battlefront all show Luke attempted to rescue information, relics, and lore from the remnants of Empire.  After the Battle of Endor the information the Empire had on the Force and the Jedi was at risk and Luke went into a mad scramble to try to save it. This explains his absence in the Aftermath trilogy.  ‘The Starship Graveyard’, a story from Legends of Luke Skywalker, backs up the idea of Luke salvaging relics from the remnants of the crumbling Empire by showing him scavenging the Imperial wrecks after the Battle of Jakku.  

Here’s the thing though: Lew’el was never touched by the Empire. If Palpatine had known of a planet with a population of powerful Force sensitive people, he would have tried to either turn that to his advantage or wipe them out so that they wouldn’t pose a threat to him. For Lew’el to remain untouched the Empire must not have even known of its existence. That means that Luke couldn’t have learned about Lew’el from an Imperial source.

Luke likely didn’t seek out alternate sources of information until after he had saved everything he could from the Empire. The novel Bloodline mentions that one of the early places Luke went searching for Force lore was the planet Gatalenta because the people of Gatalenta had preserved some knowledge of the Jedi and the Force despite being under Imperial rule. This would seem to give a general trajectory for Luke’s search. He started with more readily available sources of information in known parts of the galaxy and used those sources to track down more obscure sources in more remote parts of the galaxy. Lew’el is a very obscure source in a very remote part of the galaxy. It likely took Luke a quite some time before he was able to find information about it. Several of Luke’s statements in ‘Fishing in the Deluge’ back this up:

“I came to Lew’el to study with you because of the ancient stories I’ve heard concerning your…magic.”

“I have traveled the galaxy far and wide, seeking out those who are sensitive to the…Tide and understand its ways.”

Luke had already done an extensive amount of travel and study prior to coming to Lew’el.  That amount of travel and study takes time. Luke’s journey to Lew’el was most likely several years after Return of the Jedi. That would make Aya too young to be Rey’s mother, if she was in fact 12 when Luke met her.

2: Rey’s Mother was An Unknown Lew’elan Woman

Another possibility is that Fishing in the Deluge is a mostly true account of what happened when Luke first came to Lew’el, but Flux focused on his interactions with Aya.  This would mean that Rey’s mother was not featured in ‘Fishing in the Deluge’ at all, and that she was a completely different Lew’elan woman–perhaps a relative of Aya’s, such as an aunt or cousin. Either Luke met her during his time on Lew’el and the encounter was never mentioned (and the two were reunited later on), or he returned to Lew’el at some point for an extended period, and met his wife then. We’ve already shown that Flux is too young to be the Aya from the story.  So the narrative would become a bit muddy as there would be three separate Lew’elan women with close connections to Luke Skywalker, at least two (and probably three) of whom managed to leave the planet, a rare and difficult undertaking. This is a plausible answer but for the fact that it begs the question of why the book so heavily implies that Flux is Aya when the timeline makes that impossible. Why the coverup if Aya is just another Lew’elan girl?

3: Flux is Repeating a Story That Has Already Been Altered

In-universe, it would make sense that Luke would want his marriage and later his child to be kept secret. He knows he has enemies and he knows it paints a target on the backs of his wife and daughter if their connection to him is known. He would ask anyone that knew about his family to keep them secret for their protection.

It is possible that the story of Fishing in the Deluge was told to Flux when she was a little girl in a form that had already been altered to keep secret the fact that Luke Skywalker had fallen in love with a woman from Lew’el.  Flux simply trusted Teal enough to pass on the story as it had been told to her. This would explain why Luke’s name is changed to Seeker in the story while Aya’s name is not similarly obscured. The Lew’elans would hide the fact that Luke had ever come to them by not speaking his name and the romance would be removed from the story by replacing Luke’s wife with a young girl.  Aya’s name would not need to be altered for the Lew’elans to keep Luke’s secret from anyone that might ask.

4: Flux is Telling the Story as a Self-Insert

There is a fourth interesting possibility, but it requires that ‘Fishing in the Deluge’ be examined from a more abstract perspective. First and foremost it must be remembered that the stories told in Legends of Luke Skywalker are just that, stories about Luke that exist as stories in universe.  None of them are meant to be canon statements of “this is exactly what happened to Luke at this place at this time.” As we have previously shown: 1) We have strong reason to believe that Luke’s wife came from Lew’el. 2) ‘Fishing in the Deluge’ takes place likely a few years after Return of the Jedi. 3) The framing story takes place sometime within a few years of the ST (and possibly after The Last Jedi) which makes Flux about the same age as Rey.  

The entire book of Legends of Luke Skywalker is about how Luke inspired those around him.  The book even ends with the children thinking “we are all Luke Skywalker.” Just as the children in the story have grown up with tales of Luke, its possible Flux grew up hearing tales of Rey’s mother (whose name may in fact have been Aya). The children dream of having their own adventures and being heroes like Luke. Like Aya in her story, Flux seems to have an adventurous spirit and a desire to leave Lew’el and see the galaxy. If Flux did in fact grow up hearing stories of Rey’s mother, it’s likely that Flux idolized her as the first person from Lew’el to leave the planet in a very long time. Like many young people, Flux may even have spent her youth day dreaming of herself having the same adventures that Rey’s mother had.  

An interesting side note is that Flux does seem to have some personal connection to Luke. If she is only a few years older than Teal and the framing story is set near or during the Sequel Trilogy, which would make Flux about the same age as Rey, possibly even the exact same age1. In her story, Flux mentions that Aya had a twin brother. It’s possible that this detail is true of Rey’s mother as well. Flux could easily be the daughter of this brother, which would make her Luke’s niece and Rey’s maternal cousin. If Flux happens to be Rey’s cousin, that adds more reason for her to admire Rey’s mother. It’s also not uncommon for young children to look up to their aunts and uncles, sometimes much more so than to their parents.

When Teal asks Flux to tell her a story about Luke, Flux hesitates. Possibly because she knows the story contains a secret she isn’t supposed to tell. However, Teal doesn’t need to hear secrets, she just wants to hear a story. Flux can’t tell her an accurate account of what actually happened, but she can tell her the day dreams she had as a young girl. ‘Fishing in the Deluge’ then would exist in universe as something akin to a self insert fan-fiction. The Aya that appears in the story is a combination of Rey’s mother as she actually existed in universe and Flux’s idealized version of herself.  

This is why the story so strongly gives the impression that it is about Flux despite the timeline making that impossible. From a certain point of view the story is about her. This also explains why Aya in the story is a 12 year old girl, because Flux was still a young girl when she first started dreaming of flying off on her own adventures just like Rey’s mother. It also explains why Luke isn’t mentioned by name in the story. Flux’s fantasies were about someone coming and having similar adventures with her, not necessarily about Luke specifically. Telling the story as being about an adult and a child rather than two adults allowed Flux to emphasize the adventure (the part that was important to her) while removing all romantic aspects of the story (the parts that she was supposed to keep secret).

If this interpretation is correct then Flux and ‘Fishing in the Deluge’ gives an added layer to Legends of Luke Skywalker. In a galaxy filled with people inspired by Rey’s father, there is at least one person who was equally inspired by her mother.

  1. The timing of ‘Fishing the Deluge’ is never stated and it’s quite possible it’s after TLJ. It may be the story is concurrent with Luke’s death and the kids are being inspired by the disturbance created by it. However, a more intriguing possibility is the Wayward Current is carrying Fathiers to replace the ones released by Finn and Rose on Canto Bight. This would put it a bit over six weeks after the movie and the Force is actually encouraging the kids to help Flux just when she needs it most.

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