CliffsNotes From Comic-Con: SDCC 2018


Despite having no new film coming out this December, there was still plenty of Star Wars to be found at San Diego Comic Con last week, both officially and unofficially. (Though not Mark Hamill, despite rumors to the contrary.)

Official panels, booths, fan and cosplay meetups, as well as merchandise were scattered throughout the 4-day event. However, fanfare from Disney as well as many of the major players (Marvel, Warner Brothers, HBO etc.) was somewhat subdued compared to previous years.

In 2015, when Force Awakens was on it’s way, Disney/Lucasfilm appeared at the popular convention in a BIG way.  Long lines for the infamous Hall H led a lucky few to a panel with the new cast, lightsabers for all, and a finale concert of Star Wars music conducted by John Williams himself! Hard to top indeed, and with D23 and Star Wars Celebration as promotional options at Disney’s disposal as well, unlikely to be attempted again.

This year however, even amid the somewhat quieter atmosphere, San Diego Comic Con provided fans with the opportunity to partake in an interactive Millennium Falcon experience and to purchase cool exclusive merchandise at the Star Wars and Hasbro booths on the convention floor. Friday also featured a whole day of back to back Star Wars panel programming in one room, on topics ranging from publishing to toys and games, as well as fashion lines.

There was little mention of any of the previously announced upcoming media, such as the cartoon Resistance, live action shows, or Episode 9.  Perhaps the biggest announcement of the convention is the revival of the popular Clone Wars cartoon series, on the soon to be launched Disney Streaming Platform (which definitely increases the temptation for any Star Wars fan to subscribe to the service). In addition to the Clone Wars announcement, there was still more so-called ‘prequel era love’ in the upcoming products and publications coming to us in the near future from Disney/Lucasfilm.


Remaining cryptic, Hasbro announced that in 2019 they will begin a renewed focus on prequel era products, possibly with a Padme action figure and more toys from The Phantom Menace. More detailed information will be coming at both the Unboxing Toy Convention in Mexico City as well as New York Comic Con. Though the toy company teased more than actually revealed, Hasbro did imply that the Rebels crew in toy from will be completed in the upcoming year. The Solo cast of action figures will be also completed in both the 4 inch and 6 inch scales. Going into 2019, Hasbro will also be repackaging and re-releasing rarer characters that fans and collectors might have missed or had trouble finding during that their last release.

In the Lucasfilm Publishing panel, 13 authors crowded in to tell the eager audience about the projects they were working on. The focus on prequel (and prequel adjacent) era material continued, as E.K. Johnston (author of the popular Ahsoka novel), will be writing a Padme book titled Queen’s Shadow, exploring the character’s transition from queen to senator between Episode 1 and 2. Timothy Zahn was on hand to discuss his new novel Thrawn Alliances and to hint at the relationship between his iconic blue character and Darth Vader. The panel also teased an upcoming novel about Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan titled Master and Apprentice.

Untold Tales of the Falcon will explore off screen adventures of the ship throughout all the movies, and Women of the Galaxy, an art/commentary book will feature about 100 female characters, from iconic to obscure, from the entire series. (Maybe Ackmena, even? ) There will be more material coming that relates to the Solo, including a film novelization and Lando: Double or Nothing.

Additionally the panel included discussion of several other books and comics in less detail and/or aimed at younger readers. Search Your Feelings, an illustrated book teaching children about different emotions, Are you Scared Darth Vader a children’s book showing perhaps a different side of our favorite villain, as well as a young reader adventure titled The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear are coming in the next year along with several other children’s options. There will be a 30 issue anthology comic coming out after the completion of the Poe Dameron comic, but few details were given on it’s contents.


What new Star Wars releases (aside from Episode 9, of course) interest you the most? Let us know in the comments! 

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