A Little Han Tidbit from Most Wanted

Image result for most wanted star warsI’ve been reading Most Wanted which came out yesterday and… (Mild spoilers after the jump)



It’s heavily implied he’s mildly Force sensitive (Force attuned or whatever). The book repeatedly refers to his ‘instincts’ and how he’s learned to rely on them. Other characters even comment:

Han froze. His mind told him to flee, but his instincts were commanding him to stay put, that running was the worst thing he could do. Han always trusted his instincts. They’d kept him alive more than once.

Lucasfilm Press. Star Wars: Most Wanted (Kindle Locations 63-64). Disney Book Group. Kindle Edition.

Lately, Han’s instincts had been telling him to cultivate allies. Maybe it was the fact that Lady Proxima had been even more secretive than usual these past few weeks.

Kindle Locations 541-542

He needed to tell Proxima…No. His gut instinct told him that was the wrong move.

Kindle Locations 695-696

“I’m not sure a White Worm safe house is a good idea,” Han said. “Why not?” “Doesn’t feel right.”

Qi’ra reached out and grabbed his arm, stopping him in his tracks. “Give me facts, Han. Reasons.”

Kindle Locations 819-822

Qi’ra even notices:

She used to believe it was all part of a careful strategy of Han’s, but now she knew better. There was nothing strategic about Han; everything he did was born of instinctive reflex.

Kindle Locations 126-128

Maybe Han could give her just a little more time with his fancy piloting, and she could come up with a plan and…Oh, screw it. “Han, I’ve got nothing. What do your instincts say?”

Kindle Locations 2601-2603

“Qi’ra, you are smart, observant, and strategic. A tactician.” All true, but Qi’ra did not respond in the slightest. “And, Han, you are instinctive and lucky, liked by everyone around town. An ambassador.”

Kindle Locations 3608-3610

Han may not believe in the Force, but it certainly seems to be with him.

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  1. I’m not surprised to hear this. As I recall, George Lucas hinted that Han’s luck and intuition might be connected to the Force. So it’s nice to see it becoming closer to canon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I think Jaina in Legends speculated on it at one point so it’s not a new idea. It’s just interesting to see it getting officially woven in.


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