Highlights from the Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Guide

In addition to the movie, the Solo Reference Guide comes out today and I’ve put together a summary of the most interesting bits and pieces. Warning, some spoilers for Solo follow.

Timeline Additions

  • 32 BBY: Han born on Correllia
  • 24 BBY: Separatist crisis escalates
  • 12 BBY: Lando acquires the Falcon
  • 10 BBY: Meets Chewbacca on Mimban;  Kessel Run



  • Han’s early childhood was spent in an orphanage in Coronet on Corellia. At the age of eight he became a scrumrat for the White Worm gang.
  • Han was on the officer/pilot track in the Imperial Navy, but caused too many problems and was forced into the Imperial army.
  • Qi’ra is from the Silo wasteland and gained Proxima’s favor after securing a highly profitable deal.
  • Lando Calrissian is from Socorra and is writing an autobiography about his escapades named the Calrissian Chronicles. His escapades include the Rafa System, a caper involving the Mind Harp of Sharu and most recently, his Felucia smuggling run which paid very well.
  • L3-37 is a ‘self-made’ robot and has a highly independent personality. She’s able to interface with the Falcon computers to greatly boost its performance in hyperspace navigation. Her ‘brain’ started as an R3 astromech brain, but has been heavily upgraded and augmented.
  • Tobias Beckett is from Glee Anselm.
  • It’s rumored Beckett killed bounty hunter Aurra Sing.
  • Dryden Vos is the near-human leader of the Crimson Dawn. He was once an enforcer.

Dryden is a collector of antiquities. He has:

  • Large reconstructed Sith Holochron
  • Piece of obsidian from a Sith temple with hieroglyphs of Sith warding spells
  • Noghri carver set
  • Mummified hand of the lost king of Duro
  • Ancient Navi computer dataplaque bearing glyphs supposedly pinpointing the lost ship, Queen of Ranroon.  
  • Arks that hold the ashes of Chancellor Contispex I
  • Rakatan wraith boxes

Coaxium is a form of hypermatter used for lightspeed travel, bridging ‘realspace’ and hyperspace. A hyperdrive is built with a thin coat of Coaxium and operates by energizing it which allows for entry into the dimension of hyperspace. Coaxium originates in the organs of purrgil, space-travelling creatures.

  • The Empire is attempting to control as many sources of coaxium as possible.
  • Coaxium ore naturally appears on planets near space turbulence. Kessel has a large amount of coaxium ore due to the Maw anomaly.
  • Unrefined coaxium is highly volatile.


  • Corellia is a major shipyard and industrial world, but the benefits are only seen by the super-rich. Most of its citizens live in poverty.
  • Kessel is surrounded by a large number of gravity wells, known as the Akkadese Maelstrom. The largest well is known as the Maw. The Kessel Run involves taking a circuitous, but safe, route through the Maelstrom.
  • The lodge on Vandor was established by the Ypsobay Trading Company as a settlement hundreds of years prior to the events of Solo.
  • Savareen has become a focal point for those in the underworld smuggling minerals from Kessel.
  • The refinery there was destroyed by the Crimson Dawn for threatening its interests.


  • The Pyke Gang, based on Oba Diah, runs Kessel. One half of the world given over to mining.
  • The syndicate cut a deal with King Yaruba of Kessel.
  • Quay Tolsite is the Pyke gang’s representative on Kessel.
  • The Rider’s rivals include the Dark Star Helions and Nova Demons.
  • The White Worm gang controls the Coronet black market and are led by Lady Proxima, a Grindalid. Her top lieutenant is Moloch, who wants to dispose of Han.
  • The Empire is quelling unrest on Mimban, a mining planet, although Han sympathizes with the native Mimbanese. The Mimbanese previously fought alongside Republic Mud-Jumpers to repel the Separatists.
  • Mimban has attracted mining operations for decades which has resulted in substantial conflict with the native species.
  • The Imperial army is made up of local forces, but is gradually being replaced by the stormtrooper corps.
  • Imperial medics use weapons with the justification the oaths only apply to one’s own species (humans essentially).
  • Range troopers are trained to be able to operate independent of support or a supply line and are some of the elite in the Imperial military (obviously based off the US Army Rangers).
  • CorSec, like other local security agencies, has been subsumed into the Imperial Security Bureau in all but name.
  • Vehicles:
  • Lando found the Falcon in 12 BBY and saw its potential as a fast ship due to its powerful engines used for hauling or pushing cargo. Over two years he refitted it to match his taste for style.
  • The Falcon is equipped with Girodyne SRB42 sublight engines and a Isu-Sim SSP05 hyperdrive.
  • The TIE/rb (or TIE Brute) is a more heavily armed and armored as well as equipped with a droid intelligence to help with flight.
  • The new walker is an AD/DT or All Terrain Defense Turret and is used for artillery.
  • The Cloud-Rider’s carrier ship is named the Aerie.
  • Vos’s ship is named First Light.

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