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The last couple of days have been trying to say the least and have left me conflicted.

As everyone is likely aware, several things have made things very difficult for those of us who still ascribe to Rey Skywalker. Personally, I still stand by our analysis and think this is the direction things will ultimately go, however I’m also well aware the topic is no longer viable for the time being. Unfortunately, some really unfortunate implications have arisen if our theory is correct and Lucasfilm fails to respond to Rian’s ‘joke’ and the BTS reel.

Even though I personally think Rian has no issue with teasing romance even if it turns out to be incest, I know most of my fellow fans think it’s too taboo for him to invoke. The bigger problem to me is how Rian seems to view Rey as a female character. One of the more admirable approaches TFA took was it avoided sexualizing her. She was simply the female protagonist and hero. Rian has made it clear he took a very different view of her to the point of deliberately placing her in a position he clearly views as an allusion to intercourse (I should also mention the scene where Finn “ejaculates” all over Poe here). Worse, for me, is it promotes the problematic ‘good girl saves the bad boy’ trope despite his behavior towards her.

While his joke can be passed off as just that, there is no getting around the scene in the BTS reel where Luke accuses her of opening herself to the dark side for a ‘pair of pretty eyes’ implies that idea was on Rian’s mind while he wrote the movie. It may turn out it was never intended to be put in the movie, was part of an act by Luke or was cut because it implied directions they weren’t going, but it makes serious public advocacy of Reylated impossible for the time being.

Again, even though I still feel the analysis will stand up in the end, being right isn’t that much better than being wrong now. Being wrong means the franchise wasn’t what I thought it was and it’s time to ‘let go’ and find something else to engage with and enjoy. However, absent Lucasfilm intervention, being right now means those who do like the implied direction would feel perfectly justified in feeling lied to and the surviving fandom will be irrevocably poisoned. It also brings into question whether I can continue to support a company which treats its most loyal customers with contempt.

I’m going to take a week or so off and let the dust settle. Hopefully something pointing in a more positive direction will happen. In the meantime, I have to ask myself: is this really worth it?

Speaking for myself only,





  1. I honestly don’t think Disney or Lucasfilm would take issue with jokes about potential incest. At Disneyland, they sell shirts with Luke/Leia seeming to be romantic. One even has Luke clearly cupping Leia’s behind while they’re swinging across the retracted bridge on the Death Star. These are clearly images made in the 70s, but as of 2017, they are being sold with no issue at a child’s theme park. If they don’t take issue with that, they won’t take issue with RJ’s incest joke. Though I’m glad they deleted that eyes line, which in itself shows there is no intention of hinting at anything romantic between Rey and the villain of the series.

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    • Admittedly, it is kind of a thing in Star Wars.
      Yeah, Rian may have deleted the eyes line precisely because it might carry some unfortunate implications down the road.


  2. I personally think If Rey was a skywalker, which I kind of wanted to happen, they should have put it in 8. I also think that it would have worked if they confirmed Plagueis created Anakin, because it deconstructs the existence of a chosen one.


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