Random The Last Jedi Observations

A collection of oddities and things I noticed or wonder about. Includes some stuff from the Visual Dictionary as well. Spoilers ahead.

  • To me this movie had an air of unreality for start to finish and I got the impression throughout that it wanted you to reject what you were seeing.. Even the opening crawl felt different. It broke nearly every saga film convention. There were flashbacks, voice overs and the final scene involved minor characters. The film itself is fantastically meta and very aware of itself.
  • Snoke’s first words to Kylo Ren:


You wonder why I keep a rabid cur in such a place of power? A cur’s weakness, properly manipulated, can be a sharp tool.

The movie basically told us from the get-go not to trust anything Snoke or Kylo say. Others have already pointed out various points that contradict what Kylo Ren says.

  • The mirror scene showed two shadows merging into Rey when she asks about her parents. To me, this means she needs to stop looking outside of herself to find the answers she seeks, but within.
  • Luke asking Rey who she is (twice) and why she also reflects back on himself. We never really get an answer to either for him.
  • When Rey and Kylo are contesting over the Skywalker lightsaber, they directly opposite each other and they their pulls cancel each other out suggesting they have equal claim. This contrasts to TFA where Rey was almost directly behind Kylo and they were pulling mostly in the same direction.
  • Luke disintegrating the hut mirrors Kylo doing it in all three flashbacks.
  • The movie makes a big show of destroying the outer coverings of things, but then saving the core or what’s really important. The film calls out the core of the Resistance/Rebellion surviving, but Rey also saves the books from the tree and the Kyber Crystal from the Skywalker lightsaber.
  • Luke drops out of the movie after he talks to Yoda and doesn’t show up again until he distracts Kylo. In that scene he only talks to Leia and Kylo (can he see his surroundings?).
  • Snoke’s claim he bridged Kylo and Rey’s minds is chronologically inconsistent with TFA where he didn’t even know Rey was Force sensitive until after the interrogation.
  • Rey and Leia’s only interaction of the movie is at the very end when Luke passes.
  • Luke and Rey’s relationship never rises above room temperature and they part on a bad note.
  • The Supreme Leader seems to have a flair for drama, not unlike other villains in the setting.
  • Younger Luke looked really off to me. The hair color was completely wrong, for one, if we use Mark Hamill as our reference.
  • Luke’s last words to Leia:  No one’s ever really gone.
    Rey’s first words to Leia: Luke is gone.

Some Visual Dictionary Observations:

  • Luke only started his training temple after gaining the necessary confidence and learning about his destiny.
  • Snoke believed only someone from the Skywalker bloodline could challenge Luke.
  • Luke had thirteen students at the time of Temple massacre. Six of them sided with Ben. Something was very wrong if over half the students were willing to kill the rest.

Final observation:

  • The Art Book’s revelation that Lucas’s treatment featured Rey coming across a broken Luke and receiving training in the first film makes Rian’s claim he did this with minimal guidance absurd.

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