The Anatomy of Fake Leaks

We’re only a week away from the release of The Last Jedi, one of the most anticipated films in history and with the excitement come fake leaks. The premiere is tomorrow and there’s likely to be a lot more people claiming to have seen the movie that haven’t. Nevertheless, fake leaks tend to have telltale signs:

  1. Too much detail: It’s very common for fake leakers to try to impress their readers by providing a lot of detail – far more than is reasonable for a first viewing. This often means providing specific lines of dialog or describing everything the happens in a sequence. No one ever gives a blow-by-blow account of a scene when describing a movie they just saw the first time or even after many viewings.
  2. Centered around known plot details: Another tipoff is these ‘leaks’ tend to be built around things we already know. Often, these read like little plot islands rather than a continuous narrative.
  3. AMA: The audience can only ask questions based on their own knowledge, relieving the faker of the burden of being too creative.
  4. Inconsistent with Canon: It’s surprising how few ‘leakers’ even bother to check if what they’re writing is consistent with what’s already been established. Sometimes they make mistakes that flat out contradict what’s been shown in the marketing (ie: Poe’s X-Wing gets blown up right away in the film when we clearly see him flying it in the trailer and TV segments).
  5. Twists based on shock value: Seeking to impress their audience with creativity, fakers will often throw twists in which have no foreshadowing and have no real connection to the narrative.
  6. Confirmation bias: You can always tell which ideas are currently popular in the fandom by reading fake leaks. Fake leaks are generally calibrated to validate their reader’s personal beliefs and theories.

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