The Last Jedi Soundtrack Leak: An Analysis

On reddit’s /r/starwarsleaks subreddit, someone has leaked the track titles of the The Last Jedi soundtrack. Despite a frustrating refusal to post photos of the track titles, they did post the track titles in the comments. Because the photos are solid proof that they have the soundtrack, we can say with confidence that this is the track listing for the Last Jedi:


One thing to keep in mind is, the soundtracks released for the Star Wars films are always out-of-order from the order they were played in the film. This list isn’t  chronological in any way.

The first two tracks, ‘Ahch-To Island’ and ‘Revisiting Snoke’, might be out-of-order in regards to their placement in the film. ‘Revisiting Snoke’ is most likely a rendition of Snoke’s theme from The Force Awakens.

‘Fun With Finn and Rose’ is their own personal theme, similar to ‘Luke and Leia’ from Return of the Jedi. It most likely plays when they’re first introduced together, and their eventual shenanigans. You can say with some confidence that the theme comes up in various parts of the film.

‘Old Friends’ could refer to a number of things: Luke reuniting with Artoo and Chewbacca on Ahch-To, Leia reuniting with Holdo, or both. However, the most interesting and exciting idea is that it’s Luke reuniting with Yoda; the title is a callback to Luke telling Artoo he’s meeting with an “old friend” while on his way to Dagobah in Return of the Jedi.

‘Lesson One’ is an interesting one, but we’ve suggested that the track refers to Snoke teaching someone a lesson: either Rey or Kylo Ren. If so, it’s later in the movie than the track listing shows.

The track ‘Who Are You?’ clearly refers to Rey and her mysterious past. It’s most likely earlier in the film than the track listing shows.

The first track title that caught our attention was ‘Chrome Dome’. It sounds goofy on the tongue, but is most likely a reference to Phasma and her ‘Mad Max-esque’ past; the track title is a play-on word of Thunderdome. This track most likely plays during the Finn/Phasma duel. Its placement in the list is probably close its chronological placing in the film too, occurring just before the Battle of Crait.

The track ‘A New Alliance’ might refer to character DJ forming an alliance with Finn and Rose.

Overall, an interesting and off-kilter soundtrack listing. ‘The Cave’ and ‘Sacred Jedi Texts’ probably occur close to each other, but earlier in the film. ‘The Spark’ might refer to a tide change in the Battle of Crait (robotical712’s note: It seems likely this would be much earlier in the film than its placement.). ‘Peace and Prosper’ has completely stumped us. I guess we will have to wait and see what John Williams has in store for us. (robotical712’s note: P&P might be intended ironically and be tied to Luke’s life after Endor.)

Update: The soundtrack has been confirmed legit except the second to last title should be ‘Peace and Purpose’. Also, the ‘are’ in ‘Who are you?’ is italicized.






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