Sequel Trilogy Theory of Everything: Part 3 – The Last Jedi

For this post I have attempted to take images from the trailers and behind the scenes footage and put them in chronological order and interspersed the images with my plot prediction for the Last Jedi.

The Last Jedi will likely begin in the same manner as every other Saga film: panning from the crawl to a ship in space. In every film in the Original Trilogy and in the Force Awakens the ship was a Star Destroyer. The Last Jedi will likely continue that tradition by panning down to Kylo’s star destroyer taking him to Snoke to complete his training. Kylo will be recovering from the wounds he suffered in The Force Awakens. There will likely be conflict between Kylo, Hux, and Phasma over their defeat at Starkiller base with all of them angry at the loss and blaming each other.

If I were the one editing this film, this is where I would be a huge tease. The audience is dying to get to Luke and Rey so I would put a scene from the Leia/Finn/Poe arc here just to keep the audience in suspense that much longer. The Resistance is in trouble. They know that the First Order knows that their base is on D’Qar and that they only have a matter of time before the First Order shows up in force to pay them back for the destruction of Starkiller base. They also lost quite a few of their Starfighters in the Force Awakens and know that they are in a very vulnerable position. Leia sends out a desperate plea for aid to anyone in the galaxy with the means to stand up to the First Order while everyone else scrambles to evacuate. Finn is still unconscious and is placed in a mobile Bacta suit so that he can be transported while he is still healing from the wound Kylo Ren gave him.

pic 1

Rey first encounters Luke a top a windswept island on the planet of Ahch-To. She holds out the saber to him and he reacts emotionally. (A good way to do the reveal of Rey as Luke’s daughter while avoiding comparisons to the reveal of Vader as Luke’s father would be to reveal their relationship to the audience prior to revealing it to the characters themselves.) This could be done by having Luke speak Rey’s name too softly for Rey to hear, but now the audience knows the truth. A way to up the drama and tragedy of the scene would be for Luke then to shake the thought away because “that’s not true, that’s impossible”. The entertainment weekly article suggested that Luke is in such a dark state that he no longer trusts his connection to the Force. The Force is screaming at him that this is his daughter standing in front of him, but after 14 years of thinking that his child was dead he just can’t bring himself to believe it.


Rey comes up to him and hands him the saber. He reacts more coldly toward her than he otherwise would because just looking at her is ripping open old wounds in his heart. He gives the saber back to her and either says nothing or simply tells her to leave and then walks off. Rey is left alone wondering why she came to Ahch-To in the first place. She deeply misses Han who had been so kind to her. She thinks of returning to Finn and the Resistance or even home to Jakku surely that wouldn’t be any more pointless than coming to Ahch-To.

pic 3


pic 5

pic 6

pic 7

Luke returns to the temple to get away from Rey and to try to get a handle on his emotional turmoil.


(The first Temple itself is partially natural and partially sculpted, a rocky series of chambers and catacombs that run throughout the island that had been somewhat embellished but still for the most part left in its natural state. It’s a fitting place for the founding of a religion devoted to being one with all life in the galaxy.)

pic 9

Kylo is summoned before Snoke. Kylo is expecting Snoke to complete his training now that he has passed the test that Snoke gave him and killed his father.  Snoke, however, senses that Kylo’s conflict has only grown. He give Kylo a new task: wipe out the Resistance and kill his mother. Once he is alone, Kylo, still in great emotional turmoil over the murder of his father, reacts with rage at these new orders he has been given. He smashes his helmet, but goes to mass the First Order Forces for an attack on D’Qar. (The scenes between Kylo and Rey parallel each other as neither of them got what they wanted from their respective masters upon first meeting them in this film.)


pic 12

pic 13




As the Resistance is evacuating, the First Order forces arrive en masse and battle commences with the Resistance fighters and capital ships being vastly outnumbered and outgunned. Poe asks permission to jump in an X-wing and go blow stuff up.  Leia grants him permission and he rushes off, BB-8 in tow.

pic 17

pic 18

The Resistance ship is attacked near the hangar bay. Poe has to scramble to get into his X-Wing and take off to join the battle. Despite explosions all around he manages to get to his X-Wing and fly through the flames out of the hangar.

pic 19

pic 20

pic 21

pic a

Poe and the Resistance forces try to hold off the Frist Order Dreadnaught while the last of the Resistance personnel are evacuated. The Dreadnought bombards the Resistance base from orbit utterly obliterating it.

pic 22

Kylo arrives in his TIE Silencer and starts wreaking havoc among the Resistance fighters. He can sense Leia and he goes for her, but killing Han hadn’t extinguished his call to the light like he had hoped and he can’t bring himself to kill his mother. Fortunately for him, the battle gives him a plausible excuse for why he chose not to take out his mother when he had the chance.

pic 23

pic 24

pic 25

pic 26

Just when things seem most dire for the Resistance, Admiral Holdo answers Leia’s call for aid and arrives with her Bomber Squadron.

pic 27

pic 28

(The upright sections of the bombers contain the explosives as well as a ladder down to the lower turrets. The turret gunner in the picture below gets knocked off the ladder when their ship is wracked by an explosion.)

pic 29

(Rose’s sister Paige as a ball turret gunner at the base of the upright section of one of the bombers.)

pic 30

(The bomber below got struck in the lower section containing the bombs which is why the ship explodes in a more fiery way than other ships we have seen destroyed)

pic 31

Poe and the other Resistance fighters manage to do some damage to the First Order ships as well.

pic 32

pic 33

Despite the bravery of Poe and the others, the battle goes poorly and the Resistance takes heavy losses. Eventually they manage to break free of the First Order and escape to fight another day.

pic 34

One trait that we have been shown that Rey possesses is that once she sets her mind to something she refuses to give up. That trait shines through again here. She refuses to just leave Ahch-To and return to the Resistance and goes to try to talk to Luke again. Luke still just wants her to go away. Rey doesn’t let him off so easily this time and starts following him. (Luke is in brown robes now.  The costume shift is symbolic of how Rey, and the audience, see Luke.  When Rey first meets Luke she is expecting this hero of myth so Luke looks the part of a wise Jedi Master. Once Rey realizes that he is really a depressed broken man full of so much doubt he switches to the brown robes.)

pic 35

Luke asks Rey how she found him, and why she’s there. Rey tries to convince Luke that the galaxy needs him, the Resistance needs him, Leia needs him, she needs him, but Luke is in such a dark place that he feels he would only make things worse if he tried. He thinks for the good of the galaxy the Jedi need to end and he needs to remain on Ahch-To so that no other Force users will be at risk of falling.

pic 36

(The lighting on these next two pictures suggests to me that they are paired. Rey is sitting inside the cave facing the sunlit doorway to her right so the right side of her face is lit. Luke is standing in the doorway with his back to her talking over his right shoulder to where she would be if she was sitting against the wall to his right.)

pic 37

pic 38

As when Rey felt abandoned by Finn and the Force intervened to try to guide her, feeling abandoned by Luke also triggers a reaction in her. She has a second “Forceback” here part of which includes hearing a voice saying “I’ll come back, Sweetheart. I promise,” a voice that sounds eerily like Luke’s. A voice that she has been hearing echoing in her head for years (as per the junior Force Awakens novelization).

pic 39

pic 40

Rey comes out of the Forceback in a state of incredulity and goes looking for Luke again. (Notice that the doorway behind her is the same as the doorway that Luke walked out of.)

pic 41

pic 42

Rey comes to Luke and tells him about the dreams she has been having of the Island and the voice and the two visions. Both Luke and Rey come to the realization that the voice that she heard was his. “I’ll come back, Sweetheart. I promise” are words that have been haunting Luke as much as they have been haunting Rey.  They were the last words he spoke to his daughter before what he thought was her death. The revelation results in a huge mix of emotions for Luke: joy that his child is still alive, anger at himself for not knowing that she was still alive and not going to find her, and guilt for not being able to protect her. Rey’s feelings are also mixed: she’s happy to have found her family, but is still incredulous and demanding answers. Luke tries to answer her questions, but he can only tell her that he lost her not how or why she was left on Jakku.

pic 43


The Resistance Fleet has regrouped to a safe location to lick their wounds. Finn wakes up to find that now is in fact a “big deal with the Resistance”. He wants to find Rey and get away from the war, but learns that Rey has left to go find Luke. Rose is enamored of him and thinks of him as a hero for leaving the First Order. Finn considers just leaving telling Rose “May the Force be with you”.

pic 44

Maz contacts the Resistance to tell them of a potential way to weaken the First Order from within. She thinks Finn might be able to persuade other Stormtroopers to defect. To pull it off they will need a very talented slicer. Fortunately she knows just who and where to find him: DJ and he will be at Canto Bight.

pic 45

Finn is reluctant at first, he really just wants to find Rey and run away with her to some Outer Rim world and avoid the war, but Rose looks up to him and he wants to impress her so he agrees to the mission. Poe decides that Finn and Rose might need a droid at some point and offers to let Finn take BB-8.

pic 46

pic 47

pic 48

Rey stays with Luke and Chewie spends a lonely night on Ahch-To still deeply missing Han.

pic 49

In the morning he finds that he has a few visitors, the overly curious Porgs. The Porgs are very interested in Chewie and Artoo and the Falcon. At first Chewie is annoyed with them and wants them to leave him and his ship alone.

On a personal note: After my grandmother passed away, a cat showed up on my grandfather’s porch and started acting extremely affectionate.  At first my grandfather wanted nothing to do with the cat, but the cat was insistent that my grandfather adopt him and my frandfather eventually gave in. He now adores that cat and is grateful for his company after losing my grandmother.

This is how I think the story of Chewie and the Porgs is going to go. I think one Porg in particular is going to insist on being Chewie’s pet and keeping him company and cheering him up after losing Han.

pic 50

Luke with great trepidation agrees to train Rey. In the morning, he leads her out onto a ridge of the Island.

pic 51

Luke has her climb up onto a rocky outcropping overlooking the ocean

pic 52

Luke begins to teach Rey the nature of the Force and all that he has learned. He asks her to try to levitate the pebbles on the ground around her and teaches her to meditate by telling her “Breathe, just breathe. Now reach out.  What do you see?”

pic 53

pic 54

Rey surprises Luke by lifting the rock she was sitting on as well, causing the ground to crack. She tells him she sees “Light, Darkness, and something else. Its calling to me.”

pic 55

Luke panics and implores her to resist and desperately tries to get her to break the connection. He knows now that Snoke was able to reach out and touch Ben’s mind and he fears above all that Snoke will come for Rey as well.

pic b

Rey comes out of the trance to find Luke deeply shaken. He questions his decision to teach her.  She reminds him so much of Ben and he can’t help but worry that he will lose her the same way he lost his nephew. He didn’t sense the darkness in Ben until it was too late,didn’t know that Snoke was whispering in his ear, and now he’s terrified that in training Rey he will unleash another monster on the galaxy. He feels that Ben’s fall was due to his mistakes and he fears repeating those mistakes with Rey. Now that he finally has her back, the thought of losing her again is more than he can bear. (Luke and Rey have this discussion at the doorway leading into the main chamber of the First Temple).

pic 56

pic 57

Rey is determined to have Luke teach her how to use this power that has awakened within her.  She follows Luke and tells him that she knows that Ben failed him, but she won’t.

pic 58

She manages to persuade Luke to teach her again, but Luke is considerably more cautious this time. He decides that she needs to learn to control the power that she has and learn to keep Snoke out of her mind. He has her practice tapping into the Force while wielding her staff and saber, focusing solely on using the Force to guide her movements. He also levitates rocks for her to hit similar to how Obi-Wan had him train with the probe droid.

pic 59

pic 60

But he also decides that maybe it would be wise to stand a bit further back this time.

pic 79

pic 61

pic 62

pic 63

The Caretakers who live in the village that Luke has been staying at aren’t so sure about Rey either. They are very fond of Luke, as they are happy to at last have a Jedi return to their temple after so long.  They are less welcoming of Rey.  They know Luke’s story, they know that he had an apprentice turn on him once before.  They fear Rey and her power because they fear that she will turn on Luke as well. Luke’s conversations with them do little to assuage his insecurities.

pic 64

Finn, Rose, and BB-8 make their way to Canto Bight.

pic 65

Canto Bight is the galactic equivalent of Monte Carlo and is a place where rich snobs go to try to hide from the war.  Rian Johnson had some input on the political situation in Bloodline which introduced the Centrist party, a political party that thinks the Empire had the right philosophy but that it was poorly executed.  Some of its members were wealthy socialites who secretly supported the First Order.  The rich snobs of Canto Bight are likely Centrists who are at least sympathetic to the First Order’s ideals.

pic 66

pic 67

pic 68

Finn and Rose arrive at Canto Bight and try to find DJ among the opulent guests.

pic 69

pic 70

pic 71

pic 72

Their search doesn’t go unnoticed and some trouble breaks out.

pic 73

Finn and Rose are arrested and imprisoned.

pic 74

DJ and/or DJ’s associates arrive and bust them out of prison.

pic 75

Finn and Rose are taken to the Falthier stables where they and DJ come to an agreement that he will help them on their mission against the First Order. DJ is a rogue without the heart of gold, he likely accepts the job either because they offer to pay him a considerable amount or because it would be a challenge worthy of his skills. (DJ s dressed similar to the boy in the next picture.  He is likely a keeper of the Falthiers as his day job, but uses his slicing skills to rig gambling and steal from the casinos.)

pic 76

pic 77

DJ takes them to his ship and they set off.

pic 78


Luke came to Ahch-To looking for answers regarding the prophecy of the Chosen One after Ben, who Luke thought could be the new Chosen One, fell. Now that Rey has been returned to him, Luke decides that they both need answers. That means searching the other sacred sites of Ahch-To for the prophecy.

pic 80

Of course that requires him to fly on the Falcon for the first time since Han has passed away.

pic 81

And a reunion with his ever loyal beloved Astromech Droid who is delighted to see him again

pic 82

pic 83

When Luke and Rey land on new shores it has started to rain, something Rey has never seen.

pic 84

Luke and Rey set out trekking through the blustery weather.

pic 85

pic 86

Rey comes across the remains of a Force tree.

pic 87

Beneath it is an entrance and tangled in its roots is something special.

pic 88

pic 89

Luke and Rey find a small library of ancient tomes, one of which contains Jedi Prophecies.

pic 90

What Luke finds in the Prophecies leaves him greatly concerned for his daughter.  One of the prophecies speaks of the potential for a great evil to rise by using those of the Chosen One’s bloodline as conduits for a transfer of great power. He now knows what Snoke wants with Ben and Rey.

pic 91

Luke continues to train Rey, knowing more than ever that she is going to need it, but Rey isn’t as successful at blocking Snoke’s intrusions into her mind as she assures Luke that she is.

pic 92

pic 93

pic 94

Eventually Rey and Luke come to another village very similar to the one on the island.  It is built near a rocky grotto. Rey and Luke delve deep into its stony corridors in a quest to find a weapon of the ancient Jedi that Luke thinks could help them in the fight against Snoke. But the grotto is not unguarded.

pic 95

A great monster lives in the waters of the grotto and it pulls Rey into the water.

pic 96

pic 97

pic 98

pic 99

pic 100

Rey and Luke fight off the great monster and Rey emerges from the water with a staff carved to look like the monster itself.

pic 101

pic 102

pic 103

Rey and Luke return to the village. Luke tells Rey that he fears that Snoke might be the great evil that the prophecy spoke of and that he fears that Snoke will achieve unimaginable levels of power through Ben. Luke thinks Rey might be the only one that can prevent this. Luke shares a plan with Rey of how to do this that Rey doesn’t like at all. Rey subconsciously has been listening to Snoke’s whispers and now feels that Luke is simply using her for her power that all he cares about is fulfilling the prophecy and bringing balance to the Force, not about her as a person or what she wants out of her life. She lashes out at him in a flash of anger and loses her grip on her power in a destructive way.

pic 104

Luke tries to convince her that things aren’t going to go the way she thinks, but they are both too angry to have a rational conversation about it.

pic 105

pic 106

pic 107

Rey starts to run off, not wanting anything to do with Luke or the Jedi, or the Force.  Luke tries to call after her, but she won’t listen.

pic 108

Luke lets her go. Ahch-To is a fairly safe place. They are on an island in the middle of the ocean and the only way off planet is the Falcon, which Rey stormed off away from. Luke figures that he and Rey can talk things out once they both have had time to cool off a bit.

(A second costume shift for Luke occurs between scenes and he is back in his white robes.)

The next day Luke is startled by a sound he is all too familiar with.  He rushes outside to have his worst fears confirmed as he sees TIE fighters swooping down out of the sky. The First Order has found him and he doesn’t know where Rey is. Luke races in the direction he last saw Rey go, desperate to find her.  All the while he fends off the attacking fighters using the Force to swat them from the sky like so many pesky flies and send them crashing to the ground. It’s not enough. Ground forces land and the Knights of Ren now stand between Luke and his daughter. An epic fight ensues.

pic 109

Rey finds herself face to face with the last person she expected to meet on Ahch-To: Kylo Ren. He has come to her alone. He is deeply conflicted and contrite. He wants her to understand why he’s done the things he’s done.

pic 110

He tells her that he cares for her and wants her to come with him.

pic 111

Rey almost believes his emotional plea, but then she remembers that Kylo was just as emotional and conflicted right before he plunged his saber through the heart of Han Solo. Rey hasn’t forgiven him for that and she lashes out at him. A lightsaber duel ensues between them, but Kylo isn’t injured and bleeding out this time.  He wanted Rey with him because he felt that she was the only member of his family that hadn’t failed him, that could understand him, but now he’s furious with her because to him she’s just like the rest of them. He gains the upper hand in the fight and Rey is injured including a nasty blow to the head.

pic 112

Just when it seems like Kylo will be taking Rey to Snoke by force, Luke arrives. He uses the Force to take up Rey’s dropped saber, his saber, his father’s saber and uses it to drive his nephew back from his daughter. The fight between Luke and Kylo is an argument punctuated by the clash of sabers. Luke knows that defeating Kylo in open combat would be no easy task, but that isn’t his plan. He beats Kylo back enough to hold him off temporarily then grabs the injured Rey and makes a hasty retreat.

Chewie swoops in to pick them up in the Falcon (accompanied by his new feathered copilot).

pic 113

pic 114

pic 115

They make their escape from Ahch-To blasting TIE fighters out of the sky as they go.

Luke forgives Rey for lashing out at him and tells her than he would never force her to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. Rey is touched that her father came back for her, the only thing she ever really wanted from him.

Rey’s head trauma removes the block in her mind that prevented her from remembering anything prior to Jakku.  Memories start to come back to her. She remembers her mother and father, but she also remembers her cousin Ben and how close they were all those years before.


While Rey is with Luke and Finn and Rose are on their mission, fissures begin to develop within the Resistance.  Some members like Leia favor a more pragmatic approach: they need to gather more allies, they need to find the right targets to strike.  Some like Holdo favor an immediate response and want to launch an all-out assault on the First Order.  There is conflict between Leia, Holdo, and Poe about how best to proceed. They may also be harried by other minor First Order Attacks during this time.

pic 116

pic 117

Finn, Rose, BB-8, and DJ arrive aboard a First Order ship and steal uniforms from some unsuspecting officers.

pic 118

pic 119

pic 120

pic 121

They sneak through the ship to a control room.  DJ works his magic and Finn is able to send out a heartfelt message to the Stormtroopers of the First Order reminding them that they were kidnapped from their families as children, had their identities and even their very names stripped away from them, all so that they could serve as cannon fodder for a cruel and militant regime. (We won’t immediately see the fruits of Finn’s efforts here but the seeds have been planted and we may see the first signs of discontent among the Stormtroopers.) While DJ is slicing into the computer he finds some other potentially important information: the First Order has a secretive ongoing operation on the planet Crait involving the planet’s crystalline core.

The First Order leadership is immediately aware of Finn’s message and mobilizes the Executioner troopers to deal with any would be defectors and to hunt the fugitive Finn down.  Phasma in particular has a score to settle with Finn and leads a group of elite troopers after him.

pic 122

Phasma catches up to Finn in the ship’s hangar and holds nothing back in her quest to destroy him, wrecking the hangar and everything in it to make sure there is no way for Finn to escape.

pic 123

pic 124

Phasma takes on Finn personally.  Ultimately Finn wins the duel and manages to escape and Phasma is left grievously wounded.

pic 125

Finn, Rose, and BB-8 and Luke, Rey, Chewie, and Artoo return to the Resistance.  There is a joyful reunion between Rey and Finn and a very bittersweet reunion between Luke and Leia.  Luke still blames himself for not being able to prevent Ben’s fall and he expects Leia to blame him as well, especially now that Ben has murdered Han. Leia places no blame on Luke for Ben’s fall and is just happy to see her brother again after so long.


A meeting is held between all principle characters on the bridge of the Resistance ship.  Finn reports what he learned about Crait from the First Order computers. His report catches Luke’s attention in a bad way. Luke knows about the Empire corrupting the essence at the core of Jakku (The corruption was shown in Aftermath Empire’s end and Legends of Luke Skywalker places Luke on Jakku shortly after the battle even if him being in the battle is exaggeration).  Luke fears that Snoke intends to do the same at Crait and then use Ben to siphon that corrupted energy into himself granting him unimaginable power. Luke convinces Leia that whatever the First Order is doing on Crait needs to be stopped. There is an old Rebel base on Crait and Leia decides it will be as good of a place as any from which to launch an attack.

pic 126

Leia leaves Holdo in charge of the Resistance fleet and gathers a group of volunteers for the ground assault.

pic 127

A large portion of the ground assault team boards the Falcon to head to Crait (including Artoo and Threepio).

pic 128

Rey and Chewie pilot them there and they land at the old Rebel base.

pic 129

pic 130

The systems of the aging Rebel base are brought back online and the plan of attack is laid. The old rebel ski speeders are repurposed for the first wave of the attack.

pic 131

pic 132

The reawakening of the old base has agitated the local wildlife causing them to scurry for cover when the blast doors of the base are opened.

pic 133

pic 134

Leia looks out across the barren plains with great anxiety. She knows this battle will bring her once again into conflict with her son. She fears losing him, but she also fears losing Luke or Rey or Poe or any of the other members of the Resistance she has come to care about to her son’s hand, like she lost Han.

pic 135

(This photo from the Vanity Fair photo shoot is obviously staged, but I feel the question of “how staged?” is an important one. The set they are on is the Crait Rebel base hangar and Carrie is wearing the coat Leia wears on Crait.  Unless they had Mark wear those robes just for the photoshoot it adds evidence to the argument that Luke changes back into his white robes before the end of the film. Again the costume shift is symbolic of Luke’s state of mind and Rey’s perception of him.  Him changing back into the white robes means that he has overcome his doubts and is ready to be the Jedi everyone needs him to be again.)

pic 136

The First Order is aware of the Resistance’s presence on Crait and prepares ground based defenses to prevent the Resistance from interrupting their work on Crait.

pic 137

Kylo watches as the troops ready themselves for battle. He’s still deeply conflicted, but with Rey’s rebuff he feels that he is truly alone and has no choice but to continue down the path that he has chosen for himself.

pic 138

Kylo leads a group of Stormtroopers deep into the core of the planet with the purpose of corrupting its very essence.

pic 139

Leia rallies her troops for the battle to come and gives Rey a final plea: bring Ben home if she can, but not at the cost of her own life.

pic 140

pic 141

Poe, Rose, Finn, and several other Resistance pilots climb into the cockpits of their ski speeders and prepare to make their attack run.

pic 142

The First Order defenses stand ready to meet them.

pic 143

The Ski Speeders charge off toward the waiting walkers sending up plumes of red dust behind them.  Finn is still getting the hang of this whole flying thing and bottoms out in his speeder.  He manages to stay flying though.

pic 144

pic 145

pic 146

The Falcon, piloted by Rey swoops in from overhead blasting TIE fighters from the Sky.

pic 147

Finn cheers as she soars past

pic 149

The battle commences in earnest on the plains of Crait.

pic 150

During the battle Poe’s Ski Speeder gets hit and he has to bail out sliding into a trench while the crashed speeder sends up an explosion of red dust around him.

pic 151

pic 152

pic 153

The Resistance Forces succeed in drawing the First Order forces away from the entrance to a vast cavern that plunges deep into the core of the planet. Chewie drops Rey and Luke off within the core and quickly takes off again leading the pursuing TIE fighters away.  The Falcon makes its escape from the hollow core of Crait with TIE fighters in hot pursuit.

pic 154

The corridors are tight but the Falcon manages to break free.

pic 155

pic 156

Luke and Rey go looking for Kylo in the crystalline maze that is the core or Crait. They become separated just as Kylo corrupts the essence of the world.  Luke and Rey can no long sense each other’s whereabouts. Rey finds her way to Kylo.  She remembers now how they were as younger and how much he cared for her then.  Above all she wants her family to be whole once more and that includes the boy that was once like a brother to her.  She pleads with Kylo that they can be a family again.  His inner conflict surfaces again in a massive way and he appears to genuinely come to the light. He tells Rey in a regretful tone that he can’t undo what he did to the planet.  To stop Snoke they will have to face him together. He seems so sincere that Rey believes him.  She doesn’t realize he is leading her into a trap. She agrees to go with him and together the go before Snoke.

pic 157

pic 158

Snoke had been hoping to use one Skywalker as a conduit to unlock phenomenal power, but two is even better.

pic 159

Snoke begins to draw the corrupted essence of Crait through both Rey and Kylo, causing them both extreme pain. (The scene here is akin to Voldemort’s rebirth in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Snoke’s increase in power is shown visually by his wounds healing over and by his age appearing to reverse.) In this horrible moment, Kylo realizes that Han was right, Snoke is just using him for his power and will undoubtedly crush him once he is no longer of use.

pic 160

Luke, from the core of Crait, manages to interrupt Snoke’s literal power grab and stops him just short of achieving powers that could only be described as god-like. The power he has achieved though is enough that a fourth death star won’t be necessary in Episode IX, Snoke is the new superweapon. The interruption leaves Snoke briefly stunned and allows Kylo and Rey to recover.  Ben isn’t fully redeemed just yet, but he is no longer loyal to Snoke, now he just wants to escape with his own life. He takes up his lightsaber and prepares to defend himself.

pic 161

Rey and Kylo make a break for it, but to escape from Snoke’s throne room they have to make their way past the Praetorian Guard.

pic 162

pic 163

pic 164

Chewie or one of the Resistance pilots retrieves Luke from the core of Crait.  Luke, fearing the worst, contacts Leia and tells her the Resistance needs to retreat immediately.

Snoke, enraged at the escape of Rey and Ben, lashes out at Crait and the Resistance only narrowly avoids the onslaught of his wrath. Rey watches in horror thinking that she has just lost her father, aunt, Finn and all of her other dear friends. She feels the only family she has left now is Ben. Ben steals one ship to escape and Rey, desperate not to lose him as well now that she feels he is so close to returning to the light, steals another ship and follows him after him.

Luke, Leia, Finn, Poe, Rose and the remnants of the tattered Resistance flee.  They regroup at a safe location to count their losses and lick their wounds. Finn, now with no inclination to run from this fight, fully becomes a member of the Resistance as a bomber gunner.

pic 165

Luke also has decided that his time of running from his problems is over. His last words of the film are “It’s time for the Jedi to rise.” The film ends with both Luke and Rey looking out of their respective space craft across the stars.  Rey through the Force feels a glimmer of hope that all is not lost and that while their paths are so uncertain they will see each other again, she believes that.

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