Secrets of the Emperor and Snoke

In his quest for domination of the universe itself, the Emperor had many schemes and tools in play. The most visible and prominent was the Death Star. As his rule expanded, resistance inevitably arose which required his attention and delayed him from attaining true power. The Death Star was the answer to these distractions and its completion was to pacify the restive galactic populace so that he might direct his efforts towards more productive ends. It’s destruction was a devastating setback, but it was only one plan among many.

This is part of my full background theory:

  1. The Emperor and His Goals
  2. Secrets of the Emperor and Snoke (Today)
  3. Descendants of the Chosen One and Rey

The Hidden Empire

Previously, I laid out Emperor’s goal of using the dark presence as a means of accessing worlds far outside the realm of the galaxy. To conquer required more than just exploration and he quietly began establishing a staging area for his ships and men. Large amounts of resources were transferred into the unknown regions (including Kyber crystals, as revealed in the Rogue One Rebel Dossier) and the infrastructure of war took shape. The world of Jakku was intended to be a new throne-world, where he would direct his conquest of the rest of the universe. The essence on Jakku was to be corrupted and serve as a dark Force nexus to amplify his power.

This hidden empire served a second function: insurance. The Emperor considered it imperative that his goals be accomplished, with or without him and he plotted out a contingency. First, the Empire in the known galaxy was to be disposed of and only those most loyal to him were to be preserved. Second, the secret Empire was to form the nucleus of a resurgence and the eventual reconquest of the rest of the galaxy. The essence on Jakku was corrupted as planned and the research base fulfilled its purpose and was then destroyed before those chosen by Palpatine left the known galaxy. Death was only to be setback.

A Force Sensitive Army

In the Clone Wars episode Children of the Force, Darth Sidious has several Force Sensitive children kidnapped and brought to Mustafar. There Sidious intends to turn them into Sith spies to infiltrate the Jedi Order. At the same time he reveals a much longer term plan:

“I foresee an army of force talented spies in my service. Trained in the dark side to peer into every corner of the galaxy for me from afar; and my enemies will be helpless against such vision”

In that episode he is foiled by Anakin and Ahsoka, but his interest in Force sensitive children continues. In Ahsoka, the Sixth Brother travels to where there had been rumors of a Force sensitive human girl. The girl is able to hide and he ultimately leaves when hears of Ahsoka’s exploits elsewhere. In Rebels we see Inquisitors again attempting to kidnap Force sensitive children and are this time thwarted by Kanan and Ezra. Also in Rebels, Imperial academy instructors on Lothal are shown keeping an eye out for exceptional individuals who are referred to the Inquisitors. Each instance we see was thwarted, but the question is, what happened all the times someone wasn’t around to stop them? The answer is likely that these special children are kidnapped and trained to be agents of the Emperor and his Empire.
There are many functions a cadre of Force sensitive agents could perform:

  1. Palpatine’s vision above for an army of seers.
  2. Loyalty enforcers.
  3. Field agents.
  4. Exploring and researching Force related artifacts and locations.

We’re actually given a possible hint of the second in Lost Stars:

Her imagination conjured visions of psychological interrogations; they whispered that the questioners could sense the moment anyone began to turn traitor. Had they picked up on her doubt?

Gray, Claudia. Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Lost Stars (Kindle Locations 3842-3843). Disney Book Group. Kindle Edition.

The problem with a cadre of Force sensitives is they can each be extremely dangerous. Indeed, we see the Emperor’s paranoia reflected in the Inquisitors who are given limited training in the dark side. How then, to ensure loyalty? The answer is to find them young and completely indoctrinate them to serve the Emperor. The Inquisitors can fill the initial role of finding the first generation and be dispensed with once an initial capability is established (the Inquisitors are disbanded by the Battle of Yavin).

Snoke’s Role

The Emperor is a busy man and hardly the person to undertake the training of Force sensitive, establishing a second base of power or supervise the exploration of important sites or artifacts. Darth Vader, who is supposed to be plotting to take Emperor’s place, certainly can’t be trusted with any of that. Who, then, can be trusted? Only someone with knowledge of the Force who, like the cadre he trained and directed, was found at a young age and was to raised to devote his life to his ‘father’.

In many ways, Snoke would be Vader’s opposite. He served out of devotion to Palpatine and could be trusted with secrets and tasks others could not. Snoke knew what the Emperor’s intentions regarding the Unknown Regions, the chosen one and understood the many Force related artifacts in ways men like Yupe Tashu could not. Where Vader ran the military and was the public ‘face’, Snoke ran the part of the Empire that worked in the shadows.

While the Emperor intended to rule forever, he was a thorough schemer and made arrangements for his goals to be completed even if he could be the one to do it. He tasked an orphan boy by the name of Galli with seeing that the Empire did not survive its Emperor. At the same time, the Emperor ensured the seeds of a new Empire would be planted. Galli mistakenly believed he was to rule this new Empire, but he was only to prepare the throne for another – one who knew and was committed to the Emperor’s grandest plans. The Emperor had chosen a successor after all.

1. The inquisitors are remarkably poorly trained if their purpose is to hunt Jedi. Ahsoka comments on it in her book and has few problems taking on two of them. This strongly suggests finding Jedi isn’t the real primary goal.

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