Some Surviving Jedi from Darth Vader #7

Darth Vader 2017 #7 has a list of priority surviving Jedi.

Kayce Beradun


Quinlan Vos

Kirak Infil’a

Jocasta Nu

Ahsoka Tano

Ku??? ???ar

Na???? ????er

Credit to reddit user u/wydoc for translating.


Yoda and Ahsoka were known and Vader just got done killing Kirak Infil’a. The big revelations here are Jocasta Nu and Quinlan Vos both survived Order 66. Kayce Beradun is a new name and the last two don’t match any know Jedi. The last name’s visible letters would work with Anakin Skywalker, but there isn’t enough space for ‘Skywalker’.

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