Significant New Lore on Force Sensitivity in Legends of Luke

2017-10-31.pngThe Legends of Luke junior novel came out today and one the chapters, ‘Fishing in the Deluge’, adds quite a bit to our understanding of the lore and mechanics of the setting.

It’s told from the PoV of a twelve year old human girl named Aya who is one of the inhabitants of a small village of people. We learn very early that Aya is sensitive to the Force as is her twin brother. In fact the whole village seems to be strong in the Force and has it’s own associated philosophy and tradition called the Tide. Indeed, this tradition is what brings Luke to the world and we learn more about it from Aya’s grandmother:

The elder continued in a dreamy tone, as if speaking to herself more than to Seeker. “The Tide is a powerful force, and it can drown you as well as uplift you. Long before they came to Lew’el, our ancestors had learned how to ride the Tide. For a time they were the brightest stars in the galaxy, drawing the interest of those who loved power and sought my ancestors’ aid in their quest for more of it. Some of my ancestors succumbed to the temptation and believed that they could master a force that sustained the very fabric of existence; others believed that it was impossible as well as morally repugnant to try to turn the Tide, the ether that connects everything to everything else, into an instrument for domination. The war between them brought great suffering and devastated a thousand worlds before it finally burned out. The survivors came to Lew’el to hide, vowing never again to allow knowledge of the Tide to be used to pervert it.”

Liu, Ken. Journey to Star Wars The Last Jedi: The Legends of Luke Skywalker (Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi) (Kindle Locations 1083-1090). Disney Book Group. Kindle Edition.

Aside from a glimpse of early galactic history, the biggest revelation here is a village founded by Force sensitive human refugees has maintained that sensitivity for thousands of years. While we’ve had several known related Force sensitives and references to the Force being passed down family lines. This is the first time we’ve seen direct evidence of it being maintained in population over an extended period of time. From this we can infer children born to Force sensitive parents have a high chance of being sensitive themselves.

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