Something Overlooked in the TFA Junior Novelization

the_force_awakens_junior_novel_coverI discovered this a while back, but it’s worth sharing again. The sounds of the battle when she’s in the snow forest is described a bit differently in the junior novelization versus the adult:





In the blink of an eye, she was kneeling in a forest. Snow blanketed the ground and the limbs of trees. She’d never seen real snow before. Only sand.

She stood, shivering. Deep in the forest she heard the sounds of war. The ping of blasters. The sizzle of lightsabers. Death.

Someone spoke behind her. Calm, kind, and eerily familiar. “Stay here. I’ll come back for you.”

She peered into the darkness between the trees. “Where are you?”

“I’ll come back, sweetheart. I promise.”

Rey did not want the owner of the voice to come back. She wanted the speaker to stay. “I’m here! Right here! Where are you?”

As in her dreams, she heard no reply. She continued to dash through the forest, not giving up in her search.

I had long been a proponent of the kidnapping theory, but had overlooked this detail. The voice coincides with the sounds of battle, which includes lightsabers. This further convinced me that Rey was kidnapped during the battle alluded to in the novelization and brought to Jakku. One can also see how the promise a parent will come back is something a terrified and confused child might cling to, even if doing so makes no sense in her current circumstances. The parent, of course, is Luke.

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