The Battlefront II Story Based on Leaked Dialog (Spoilers)

A large amount of dialog from Battlefront II was leaked on Pastebin back in June. It’s heavily fragmented and scrambled, but there is enough there to figure out large segments of the plot for BFII. I’ve gone through and figured out as much as I can. The highlights are:

Edit: Pale has pointed out that the Clone Wars dialogue on Naboo most likely comes from the mulitplayer map on Theed. The battle is referenced in the Naboo mission with Iden, but the battle itself is presumably not canonized in multiplayer.

– The claimed Luke leak on the subreddit Star Wars Leaks from a couple of weeks ago was a complete fabrication.
– There appears to be a mission set during the Clone Wars on Naboo in which you can play as the Separatists or Republic.
– The mission on Fondor involves securing the climate disruption satellites used on Naboo in Shattered Empire.
– Iden Versio and Del Meeka defect from the Empire while Hask stays behind.
– One of Iden and Del’s first missions is assisting Leia and Queen Soruna thwart the use of the satellites on Naboo (they later help repel an Imperial ground assault).
– Pillio’s placement is unclear, but your initial mission is to destroy one of the Emperor’s Observatories there.
– The area has been overrun with a colony of large indigenous insects and Luke is looking for something in their amber.
– Han (and Maz) is encountered on Takodana and you help Lando on Bespin.
– Inferno spends several missions pursuing Iden’s father, Admiral Versio.
– Jakku first takes place aboard Admiral Versio’s Star Destroyer; they also confront Hask there.
– The ISD crashes and Iden and Del assist in the ground assault on Jakku.
– Iden and Del get married after the Battle of Jakku and have at least a daughter.
– The timeline jumps 29 years after Jakku.
– Del disappears while investigating suspicious activity on Pillio. Iden and her family look for him.
– Gleb, the Aqualish who held Iden under ‘house arrest’ in Inferno Squad, is the big bad for the late game.
– She’s participating in something called Project Resurrection. She was using the adults on Athulla to farm on Pillio, but no one knows what she’s doing with the children (we can guess).
– Gleb murdered Del after he stumbled upon her scheme and intervened.
– Not sure where Kylo Ren or Starkiller Base fits in the story.

A more detailed examination of the dialog:

Clone Wars Mission on Naboo

The placement of this level is unknown, but it appears you can play as both sides:

Some of the dialog for the separatists:

[123] Destroy any Republic troops and prepare for Phase Two.vere damage.
Terminate escort program and begin combat cycle; Phase Two begins shortly.n position.
Clear the area of clone resistance and prepare for Phase Two.
complete sixteen seconds ahead of schedule.
Target nearby clones and prepare for Phase Two.ble battle unit: Your mission is to escort our multi-troop transport to the Naboo palace.
Enemy ion disruptors have caused severe damage to the MTT; no further setbacks are permissable.p transport is en route to the Naboo palace.
Clone resistance is extreme and the MTT has been damaged.


[168] Local forces barely fought off the Separatists’ first wave; now the Seppies are landing an armored MTT loaded with battle droids.tists thought they’d try for Naboo.
They were expecting civilians, Gungan warriors・but not us.
First waved failed, but now they’re rolling a heavily armored multi-troop transport toward the palace.
All right.
We hold back those droids long enough, we can get reinforcements.
I’m assigning coordinates・guard your positions!l the assault until reinforcements arrive or every droid out there is scrap.

[175]Brilliantly simple, eh? Guard your positions, do all you can.f ’em! It’s all right・didn’t expect to last in the open.
Retreat inside!ll back! Fall back! on the palace! Looks like a whole droid army, but if we can hold on we can win the battle

This battle is later referenced in Inferno’s Naboo mission.

Calamari Cruiser

Iden is captured and held aboard a rebel vessel undertaking an unknown mission. Her droid frees her and she must get off. The rebels can be overheard assembling for the attack on Endor:

[309] By now, you are aware of the beacon directing Alliance ships to the Galaan system.
With this ruse, we will divert the Empire《 attention away from Sullust.
We are amassing the fleet in preparation for our attack on Endor.
Join us.
We need every available ship to strike a decisive blow against the Empire.

The ruse in the Galaan system is a neat reference to Operation Yellow Moon from Moving Target.


Inferno witnesses the destruction of the Death Star and Admiral Sloane orders a retreat. Inferno Squad must get off Endor before the rebels find and overrun them.


After Endor, Admiral Versio tells Iden the Emperor is dead and his last orders are to crush the rebellion. Inferno is tasked with providing security while satellites necessary for Operation Cinder are retrieved and loaded on the ISD Dauntless:

Fondor, where Captain Raythe is retrieving assets critical to Operation: Cinder.
Admiral Versio has ordered us to oversee its security.

I know we〉e not body guards, but the experimental satellites we〉e retrieving from Fondor are crucial to the Emperor《 last command.

The Dauntless was also the Star Destroyer stationed over Jedha City in Rogue One. The Rebellion attempts to seize the Dauntless and Inferno must stop them:

[378]The Empire will not sleep after today.e plan, Commander?ebels don’t get another victory today.lasts have disabled our weapons and engines.o we respond, Commander? the enemy ship, and destroy those ion cannons.mmander! This is Moff Raythe! Rebel raiders are boarding my ship!angar and STOP THEM!ttle stations.
Rebel boarding party has begun attacking the hangar.
Report to your battle stations immediately.ebels aren’t here to destroy the Dauntless – they’ve come to steal it.e Dauntless is alone! The station is abandoned, we’re completely vulnerable.
trying to steal a Star Destroyer?the rest of the fleet? I don》 know, Agent Hask, just take them down!ve taken out our weapons and engines! As long as their ion cannons are operational, the Dauntless is exposed! Agent Meeko, status report? can’t help you.

Iden learns the satellites purpose and begins to have doubts about what she is doing:

[252] Moff Raythe said you questioned him about our target.
If I wanted you to know, I would have told you.
You’d be wise to keep future inquiries to yourself.
I will contact you again when preparations are complete.
Versio, out.

Note: I’m unsure about the mission order after Fondor. Iden and Del may secretly go to Naboo to stop the attack there and then defect.


Iden alerts the Rebellion to the Climate Disruptors:

[523] Is that right?ble of disrupting a planet’s atmosphere.
They can drown or burn an entire city faster than you can imagine.t never happens again?his you surrendered, we received intelligence saying Operation: Cinder was preparing to strike Naboo.

Iden is given the choice of imprisonment or helping stop the attack on Naboo:

[526] General, not fight the Empire.
hout the other.
If you really want this chaos to stop prove it.
I’m risking a lot here.
I[ asking you to do the same.before.
look more comfortable than a detention cell.
nds like one vote for yes.
What about you, Commander?uits.Don’t forget, you’re shooting TIEs now, not X-wings!ut I don》.
I disabled your hyperdrives are disabled, just in case you were thinking of escaping.
And if it even looks like you〉e planning something, I will not hesitate to shoot you down.
think you could? for satellites and sink that Star Destroyer.oner we take out those satellites, the sooner we stop the storms.
much handle the rest of the satellites.

They assist in the destruction of the Dauntless:

[536] think you could? for satellites and sink that Star Destroyer.oner we take out those satellites, the sooner we stop the storms.
much handle the rest of the satellites.
Focus on taking out that Star Destroyer.s.r《 shield array! Destroyer《 shield array! ! Enemy fighter on my tail! I can》 shake ナm!my way!ved me.Blast it all! We」e got to stop those ships! weird that I[ kind of enjoying this?

After stopping the climate disruptors, they help Leia and the queen help fight off an Imperial attack on the palace:

[539] I〕l give you that.lly has shields! I could get used to this.r.he way, those snipers on the rooftops will cut us to pieces.I have another solution for the walker…hat?ce on my position! is on the way.adron, where are you?! of things.ower Relay is good to go! Lead the way, Princess.We just fixed our final Power Relay! Heading to the Palace now!he Throne Room, use the terminal to set off the Ion Pulse! We’ll cover you from here! Go! hold this many of them!streets!ay.


Inferno is ordered to assassinate Gleb, but it’s unclear who orders it:

[268] The location is Vardos, in the Jinata System.
Our target, Protectorate Gleb, a local official.
Full disclosure, this is my home planet and I have a [u]history[/u] with our target.
I don》 know why the Admiral has chosen us for this mission, but my personal feelings aside, we will see it so good.

Del talks a bit about his history with Gleb:

[466] Gleb took me in.
Trained me.
Raised me

While on Vardos, Del and Meeko are discovered, declared enemies of the Empire and the planet is placed on lock-down:

[489] [At]tention all units.
Commander Iden Versio and agent Del Meeko are now enemies of the Empire.
Kill them; secure their ship.
Anyone attempting to evacuate the planet before this is complete will be shot down.

[481]Secure the landing pad.
No civilians are to depart.
Anti-air weapons are operational, should anyone attempt to flee Vardos.ity protocols are in place for your protection.
Do not attempt to leave Vardos.
Anti-air encampments will incinerate unauthorized vehicles in flight.
For your protection, remain in your homes.tormtrooper in the city is about to hunt us down.
Are you up for this?n exit plan.gone! Find the traitors!troy the Corvus before we can get it off world.ere can we disable the city’s weapons systems?tro Defense Center.

Iden and Del must make a decision (this might be from the Naboo mission instead):

[494] e our people, Iden.
Can we really fight them?〉e going to fight us.
Are you up for this?I[ with you, Commander.


Based on the dialog, I think the mission is after Inferno defects:

[257] secret Imperial installation on the planet Pillio.
Something called an Observatory.
He believes the Emperor used it to store artifacts that could be used against us.
Due to the sensitive nature of what it may hold, the Admiral wants minimal feet on the ground.
One Agent, one squad.
Normally, I‥ undertake this mission myself, but Del, your technological expertise might be needed to get inside.
locate the Observatory, and destroy whatever you find.eror《 classified Observatories.
Inside, dangerous materials and artifacts our enemies could use against the galaxy.
Agent Meeko, we may need your technical expertise to access the vault.
Your orders are simple: destroy the installation.xtraction mission.

This is the second observatory introduced into Canon, with the first on Jakku. This is, of course, the long awaited Luke mission:

[439] I saw what the Jedi could do.
must have been something.
How old were you?nough to be afraid.t Del Meeko, special forces.
Thanks for saving my life, but…
why are you here?ce brought us together, Del.ld have called it dumb luck…
to it than luck.
We’re invading their the Rebellion is doing here.
Pillio isn》 exactly a strategic location.

Luke is looking for something, apparently in the bug’s amber:

[445]I’m searching for something here.d be somewhere else today.n their amber!hat’ll work for now!

Luke also seems to think their meeting is not a coincidence:

[448]I am.drew me here, yes, if that《 what you〉e asking.
And you?e Force that brought us together.umb luck.t door ahead.

It looks like they need to arm the Observatory’s defenses:

[451]I need to deactivate the defense system.Imperial technology is built into a nest?e’ve got company.e’re done for.
Keep them off of me! .You can do this, Del….nses?sive.
I’m going to disarm it from here.
[457This isn’t the only terminal! to find the others.em away!gs! Take them down!open it slice the bugs! clock!Terminal’s overrun, need your help here!and we deactivate the defenses! Have you found it?, give me a hand!st out of time!o destroy these bugs!atience.

This part is interesting:

[458]Breathe deep.
This is in your control.ntrol.
It’s in…my…control…d it.
Well done, Del.

Note: They talk to Han on Takodana and Lando on Bespin, but what’s there is too fragmented to figure out what they’re doing.


Inferno runs into Han. This appears to be when Han is approached about an opportunity to free Kashyyk (mentioned in Aftermath and Life Debt):

My Wookiee pal was just asking about you.erable man, then.s Paldora! It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.h! You wanna keep it down?se we’re meeting why I’ve chosen to defect.t you out of here.he information you asked for: a means to liberate the Wookiee slaves! That《 not all.

Likely Han Solo dialog:

[614] What was I saying? Why are you just staring at me? Maz and me, we go way back.

Unknown speaker, but likely about Maz:

[615] She and my dad would raid derelict ships.
I‥ go with テm sometimes.


There’s no dialog that can be clearly identified with this mission, but given the timing and what happens on Takodona it’s likely when Chewbacca is captured preceding Life Debt.

Note: They seem to be on missions to weaken the Imperial Fleet at Bespin and Sullust, but there isn’t enough there to figure out specifics or the order.


Inferno assists Lando in the liberation of Bespin:

[682] Republic intel, the Empire《 blockade on this system has fallen.
The people of Bespin are revolting.
If the Imperials are worried about an uprising, they might not see us coming.


I couldn’t find dialog clearly associated with Sullust.


Iden and Del participate in the Battle of Jakku:

[554] [w]ork, Commander, but there’s no time to celebrate.
The New Republic has tracked the remaining Imperial Fleet to the Western Reaches.
A fleet that’s weaker thanks to your work on Sullust and Bespin.
All New Republic ships are preparing to move on Jakku.
I hope Inferno Squad is ready.s called all New Republic ships to Jakku, where the entire Imperial Fleet has gathered.
That means Admiral Versio is there, along with Hask.
We」e chased the Admiral for months, but catching him is no longer our only priority.
This could be our final fight against the Empire.
It won’t be easy.
A battle of this scale, there won’t be any coordination, and the Empire has nothing to lose.

Iden and Del work to capture Iden’s father and infiltrate his star destroyer:

[796] It’s special forces.ind a way inside.ould be able to find a maintenance hatch at the back of the ship.
That’ll lead us to the bridge.p boop.ull! down too.
Rebel ship with it!th the tractor beam!ound here.trance? You’re a genius, Droid.
stems! Let’s turn that cannon around.
to go!ntenance hatch should be right around the corner…] the maintenance hatch.
We’re getting close to the Incursion.nd you when I’m done., I still remember how to get to the bridge.
‘ll do it.
Let’s find my father.

Iden encounters Hask who was ordered to kill them by Admiral Versio:

[789] How could I refuse? You〉e a traitor, to empire and order, and I will see you dead.Admiral is here, then that TIE squadron belongs to’t matter.
The Empire’s time has come.

The ship is disabled and they get out via an escape pod as it crashes into Jakku:

[803] Need to get to an escape pod.l, this Destroyer is going down.
Del, do you copy?Slice it open, hurry.on’t crash…el.
Gotta stay alive.e down there.scape pod! We got it!n’t he come?ming Del.bad.
Gotta move.

Gallius Rax reference (Aftermath Trilogy):

[807] [m]ust rendezvous with Admiral Rax! Get to the escape pods!

After escaping the Star Destroyer, Inferno helps Republic forces on the surface:

[749] Lindsey! We can’t make it to Carbon Ridge.
Imperial Walkers have us pinned down!, Inferno Squad.
Leave the Walkers to us.
we take those things down?ey worked on a Death Star, they〕l take down a Walker.istress signal.d I need to reach Carbon Ridge, but Imperial Walkers have us pinned down!no Squad.
We’re on our way, Captain.d’s up there somewhere?sion.

After Jakku, Iden and Del get together and have at least a daughter:

[853] I just want to enjoy it.s thinking we name her after your mother.? Not a chance.
Zay, on the other hand…t.

Iden’s mother’s name was Zeehay.

Note: The timeline jumps 29 years at this point.

Pillio 2

Del disappears investigating Pillio. Iden and her family head there to find him:

[858] ry in the Outer Rim.
Should only be gone a few days.

[875] Isn[‘t] that right, mom? [fol]low his trail.[Pi]lio and Athulla.

[879] Shriv found the Corvus.
kind of metal structure.
Could be why your dad was here.

Iden tells Zay about her first time on Pillio and meeting Luke Skywalker. We also learn Del joined the Church of the Force:

[862] Let《 check it out.this place in his stories, it always sounded so beautiful.
Clearly a lot has changed since then.eally[/u] meet Luke Skywalker? Or is that just another one of dad《 embellishments? y is actually true.
Meeting Skywalker had quite an effect on your dad.
It《 why he joined the Church of the Force.der.

They do learn Del visited Athulla before going to Pillio:

[815] ding to the navi-computer, Del visited Athulla before he went missing.
For the life of me, I can》 imagine why.
Athulla is a small planet on the edge of the system; populated, but nothing worth visiting.
Del must have had a good reason.
If we〉e going to find him, we need to check it out.


Iden and her family learn Gleb is responsible for the atrocities on Pillio and Athulla. They also learn Gleb killed Del for his interference:

[824] Gleb and Jinata Security have been raiding Athulla for years.
Entire families are carted away.
The adults were sent to Pillio, but the children…
We don》 know.
Maybe Vardos, where Gleb runs her operation.
You」e bought us a moment《 peace, but unless Gleb is stopped, her men will return.
ction leads back to Protectorate Gleb.
She《 only grown more ruthless and greedy since the days of the Empire.
Jinata Security has devastated Pillio.
The people of Athulla live in fear of being kidnapped.
Someone has to stand up for the Jinata System.
Del tried.
In return, Gleb had him killed.
So, now it falls to us.
Set a course for Vardos.
It’s time we shut down Project Resurrection.Uh…

We can make a pretty good guess as to where the kids are going.

They do encounter Gleb at some point:

[900] ady to jump, because you〉e headed for a!?does he mean, “Catch us?・o no no no no… found out about Project Resurrection, but you are standing between me, a bunch of slaves, and a ship-load of credits; and that is a very dangerous place to be.

That’s as much of the story as I could determine from the available dialog. The Resistance is mentioned several times, but never as part of a complete sentence or in clear context. There also isn’t any mention of Kylo Ren or Starkiller as far as I can determine (despite being clearly shown in the trailer).

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